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Asia Skifati, Manager Business Support Walters People Zaventem

7 tips to feel better at work

Long hours, tight deadlines, and ever increasing demands can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Asia shares her 7 top tips to help you manage stress at work.
Woman at her desk looking at phone

Six career tips for first time personal assistants

Have you just landed a job as a PA? Read our tips for all the information you'll need to excel at your new job and become a 5 star personal assistant.
Junior professionals at work

Turning your internship into a job

What can you do as an intern to make sure you can secure a job once your internship is over? Follow our 6 tips.
Antje Mentens, Consultant

Working as a cash collector

Demand for cash collectors rose significantly this year. Antje Mentens explains which skills are required and what makes the job as a cash collector so interesting.
Team of colleagues in a meeting

5 tips to help you get a promotion

Are you ready to take on more responsibilities in your current position? Femke shares five easy tips to help you climb the ladder at work.
employer being turned down for a job at an interview

How to handle job rejection

Being turned down for a job can be devastating. Follow our 3 tips to turn this event into a positive outcome and kick your job search back into gear.
Candidate signing on board as recruitment consultant

Recruitment - the ideal jump-start

A combination of sales, HR and finance, recruitment is the ideal platform to develop some key skills which will be beneficial throughout your career.
Eline Blanc, Consultant Business Support

Top 3 skills to make it in customer service

Want to work within a fast-growing sector? Eline Blanc talks to us about working in customer service and explains which 3 skills you will need to succeed.
Candidate asking his future employer questions during an interview

Six questions to ask during a job interview

Asking an employer questions about the role is crucial to show that you are motivated and interested in the role.