Did you come across an interesting job offer that fits you like a glove? Brilliant! But what do you know about the company’s corporate culture?

A challenging job content alone is often insufficient to keep you happy at work. In this respect, the corporate culture is at least as important. Walters People has some interesting advice for you on how to assess a company’s values and standards.

1. Do some research

Before applying for this appealing job offer, you’d better do some research on the company you consider applying to. Check on the corporate website and look for the company’s mission statement. Does it represent your own values?

Explore the organisation’s social media channels as well. Does it have a Facebook or LinkedIn account that is regularly updated? Check if the company’s employees are featured in posts. Even on Instagram you’re likely to discover some information you won’t find on the corporate website.

Of course, don’t forget your own network. Maybe you know someone who already works for the company. Don’t hesitate to contact them and ask how they experience working there.  

2. Be vigilant during the job interview

During a job interview, you can really investigate your prospective employer’s corporate culture. Start from the moment you enter the office building. How are you being welcomed? What kind of people are you surrounded with? Mind the corporate dress code and listen to how colleagues address each other.

Of course, don’t forget your own network. Maybe you know someone who works for the company. 

You can assess the company’s values and standards as well during your interview. Try to figure out if there’s a strong hierarchy and ask if colleagues also meet outside of the office hours. Learn more about the c-suite. Is the management easily accessible? By answering these questions, you’ll get a clear picture of the corporate culture.

3. Engage in a dry run

Did the job interview leave you satisfied? Can you imagine yourself as a future team member or do you still have some doubts? Maybe you should go for a dry run. By doing so, you can truly experience a day at the workplace. 

Are you looking for your next challenge? Or do you have a job interview soon?

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