For many workers, summer is a blissful period of relaxation, rest and freedom. Yet the day inevitably comes when your holidays are over and you have to return to work. Although you undoubtedly have renewed energy after this rest period, the step back to the office can still be tricky. How do you make sure you return to work after your leave with a motivated and positive feeling? Staffing specialist Walters People shares six useful tips. 

Gentle transition 

After a few weeks' rest, it is normal to lose your usual work rhythm for a while. So don't be too hard on yourself. During your first day back at the office, keep it calm and take small steps when taking up your tasks. Start with simple to-do's to get back into the workflow, and gradually build up to larger or more complex tasks. This will help you feel less overwhelmed and soon give you a motivating sense of progress.  

Rearrange your workspace 

Is your desk still cluttered by the busy last few working days before your leave? Then, first and foremost, take some time to tidy your desk and bring order back into the chaos. To make the transition from holiday to office less abrupt, decorate your workplace with a nice plant, a bouquet of flowers, a souvenir or nice holiday photos. That way, you can reminisce about that blissful holiday while working.

Get in touch with colleagues 

You haven't seen your colleagues for a while. So be sure to make time for some informal moments of conversation so you can catch up. Exchanging holiday experiences will create a relaxed atmosphere in the office as well as help you feel quickly reengaged with your teammates. 

Watch over your work-life balance 

Holidays are meant to rest and relax. However, this does not mean that after your holidays you should push your family life back. A healthy work-life balance is essential all year round. If you do not provide enough relaxation outside working hours, your mental well-being, motivation and productivity may suffer. Fortunately, many holiday activities are perfectly suited to after work hours or at the weekend. Visiting a cosy terrace, going for a swim with the children or a day at the beach: that way you can continue to enjoy the summer to the full!  

Challenge yourself 

After your holidays, ask your manager about new projects you can work on. A new challenge to get stuck into will help boost your enthusiasm and motivation. Moreover, this will help you avoid the feeling of quickly getting 'back in the rut' after your leave.  

Positive mindset 

Give your positive mindset a boost during the first working days after your holiday. Think about the positive aspects of your job: the skills you can develop, the interesting projects you can work on, and the satisfaction you can get out of it. Also try taking a walk during your lunch break. This is because exercise releases endorphins - also known as the 'happiness hormone'. Thus, you are already reinforcing your positive mindset. By looking at everything from the bright side, your return to work will probably not be too bad!


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