For many, the Christmas holidays are a wonderful time of warmth, celebrations and quality time with family. Now that the end-of-year festivities are behind us, normal life quietly resumes. Although you undoubtedly have renewed energy after this rest period, the step back to the office can still be tricky. How do you make sure you return to work after the holidays feeling motivated and positive? Staffing specialist Walters People shares six useful tips.  

Be kind to yourself  

After a period of relaxation, it is normal to lose your normal work rhythm for a while. Therefore, don't be too hard on yourself. Start quietly on your first day and gradually pick up your tasks again. Start with simple tasks to get back into the workflow and slowly build up to bigger responsibilities. This helps you feel less overwhelmed and gives an immediate sense of progress.  

Cosiness prevails

If your desk is still left in chaos from the busy days before your holiday, take some time to tidy it up. Rearrange your workspace and add personal details, such as a nice plant, scented candles or flowers. This will help make the transition from holiday to work smoother and still let you enjoy the warm atmosphere while working.  

Fun chats  

You haven't seen your colleagues in a while, so schedule some informal moments to wish each other a Happy New Year and share how the festivities went. Sharing holiday experiences creates a relaxed atmosphere in the office and helps you feel quickly reengaged with your team.  

Sufficient relaxation  

Holidays are meant for relaxation, but this does not mean you should neglect your family life again after the holidays. A healthy work-life balance is crucial all year round. Fortunately, many holiday activities can also be enjoyed after working hours or on weekends. Ice skating, going for a hot chocolate or a day of shopping during the sales ... plenty of opportunities!   

Challenge yourself  

Ask your manager about new projects to take part in after your holidays. A new challenge will increase your enthusiasm and motivation and prevent you from feeling stuck in a rut.  

Be positive  

Encourage a positive attitude during the first working days after the holidays. Think about the skills you can develop, the exciting projects you can work on and the satisfaction you can get out of it. Take a walk during your lunch break - as exercise stimulates endorphins, the 'happiness hormone'. This way, you will reinforce your positive mindset and make returning to work a lot more enjoyable!


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