As in romantic relationships, the relationship between employees and employers evolves over time. Sure, you once started your current job full of eagerness, but do you still feel the same click today as you did then? Staffing specialist Walters People lists 7 indicators that reveal whether the match between you and your employer is still there.

Passion or habit? 

If the passion you once felt for your work has turned into routine and counting down the hours to the end of the working day, it might be time to think about new career opportunities.

Outlook for the future 

Ask yourself whether you see yourself still working at your current employer in five years' time. If there is a sense of stagnation with no prospect of growth, it might be time for change. After all, a healthy working relationship offers room for growth and development.

Culture check 

Values and standards evolve not only for individuals but also for organisations. A culture gap can lead to dissatisfaction. So take the time to (re)evaluate the corporate culture at your employer and ask yourself if you still feel at home there.


Communication is key to any healthy relationship, including in the workplace. A lack of transparency and openness between you and your employer can be a signal that it is time to look elsewhere.


A successful working relationship requires recognition of your efforts. If your hard work and dedication go unnoticed, this can become a demotivating factor.

Work-life balance 

A good employer recognises the importance of a healthy work-life balance. If you feel this balance is disturbed, it may be useful to re-evaluate your priorities.


A sustainable relationship between employee and employer is supported by shared goals. Are your personal motivators no longer aligned with company goals? If so, this is a good time to explore new opportunities that better suit your current professional and personal growth. 

It is essential to regularly reflect on the current state of your working relationship and assess whether you and your employer are still a perfect match.

Sometimes it is necessary to look elsewhere and explore new opportunities that better suit your current needs and ambitions.


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