As the calendar year approaches its end, the accounting department faces a crucial period: the year-end closing. During November and December, many organisations open temporary accounting vacancies to strengthen the finance team during this intense period.  

For professionals with experience within accounting, these temporary positions at year-end offer interesting opportunities, says Lene Coeman, manager at staffing specialist Walters People. Not only is it a chance to further hone your technical skills, but it also opens doors to further growth and development in your finance career. Lene explains why.  

Deepening expertise  

Lene: "Year-end financial closing is a complex process that requires in-depth knowledge of accounting, taxation and compliance. Being directly involved in this process gives you the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience and significantly broaden your financial expertise."  

Exploit networking opportunities  

A temporary position during the financial year-end not only provides scope for improving your technical skills, but also for building valuable connections within your field. "You work with professionals from different departments and levels, allowing you to expand your network within the industry," says Lene. "These contacts will not only come in handy during your current assignment, but can also be important for future opportunities."  

Exploring options  

Temporary positions offer a flexible working environment and allow you to explore different organisations and sectors. This can be invaluable if you are still trying to discover which specific aspect of finance suits you best. "It also teaches you to adapt to different corporate cultures and working methods, which is a valuable skill in an ever-changing business environment," Lene adds.  

Positive addition to your resume.

"A temporary position during the financial year-end is a valuable addition to your CV: it shows that you are willing to take on challenges and keep developing yourself."

"It shows potential employers that you are skilled at handling complex tasks and can perform under pressure. This work experience opens up opportunities towards more permanent and challenging positions in the future," Lene concludes.  

As a finance professional, performing a temporary job during year-end is a highly strategic move that will not only enhance your CV but also help you build on a successful finance career.


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