A good relationship with your colleagues makes you feel at home in the workplace faster and you get more enjoyment out of your work. However, being friends with your teammates is not only important for your happiness at work, it also builds your professional success. It ensures that you can lean on your colleagues and that you are more easily and closely involved in projects. Staffing specialist Walters People lists all the tips & tricks for a good relationship with colleagues.  

Be involved  

You spend a lot of time with your colleagues. You work for the same organisation, support the same brand and pursue the same core values. Therefore, it is good to sometimes immerse yourself in other people's work: that way, you will learn more about the organisation. Moreover, your open attitude makes it easier for colleagues to approach you. This promotes cooperation and also creates more support.  

Show your personality  

If you feel that conversations with colleagues are awkward or only about work, this can be detrimental to cooperation. Of course, you don't have to share your entire private life, but realise that it can't hurt to show a bit more of yourself. And ask others about this too, as it will make you come across as interested.  

Take different opinions into account  

A lot is happening in the world and the grey area with social and political views is vast. Chances are that certain events - and all opinions on them - will be raised during the lunch break. This can cause division or friction. Be aware of this and respect other people's opinions.  

Take responsibility  

Everyone makes mistakes at work from time to time; after all, no one is perfect. It could be a work-related mistake, or it could be a clumsy statement. Should this happen, it is best to be open and honest about it, instead of avoiding an uncomfortable situation. Take responsibility and apologise if necessary. This will not only benefit you yourself, but it will also make others feel that you take them seriously.  

Be helpful  

Be attentive to the well-being and needs of your colleagues, and offer help where needed.

Also listen to their concerns and challenges, both professional and personal. Showing understanding and offering support during difficult times, such as stressful projects or personal setbacks, can only strengthen the bond between you and your colleagues.


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