When you start looking for a new job, the chances are slim that your first application will be immediately successful. Hence, most professionals have several applications running simultaneously, with or without competing companies. But can and should you tell a potential employer that you have also applied to another company? Staffing specialist Walters People offers some tips that can be used in the three most common situations.  

Employer asks the question  

If an employer asks you if you have a job application elsewhere, you can just answer honestly. Employers or managers also know that professionals are increasingly looking for organisations that really fit their personal goals and ambitions. It is a very normal question, and an employer will therefore certainly not perceive it as if you are reluctant to come and work for him anyway. After all, it is not the only organisation looking for staff. 

Employer does not ask the question  

It could also be that your future boss forgets to ask the question. Should you then tell them about this yourself? If you feel there is interest from the company and you want to wait for reactions to other applications first, you can always bring up the subject yourself. As a result, the employer will not look at you strangely. In fact, he will be happy that you keep him informed about your personal situation and will therefore not be surprised. Moreover, he will appreciate that you are not afraid to tell the truth, and may even schedule a subsequent interview a little faster. 

Employer makes an offer

Even if you receive a concrete offer while you are still negotiating with a second or third organisation, it doesn't hurt to clarify your situation. Tell them that you are happy to be offered the job, but that you still need to think about it for a while because you can still interview somewhere else. Again, your potential employer probably won’t make an issue of this. If the organisation really wants you on board, they will wait for you if necessary.  



So, when you get an offer from your other current job application as well, you will have to choose. At that point, it is important to carefully consider whether your personal ambitions match the company's standards and values. Think carefully about the direction you want to take in the long term and draw a career plan for yourself. Then compare to what extent the different job offers match your personal plan. That way, you can take up the best offer with peace of mind.


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