Your first working day in a new job is always exciting, and even feels a bit like your first day at school. You also leave a certain impression with your employer and new colleagues from day one.  But how do you make sure you make a good impression and start that first working day professionally? Staffing specialist Walters People lists 4 tips. 

Read up beforehand 

You have undoubtedly done a lot of research in preparation for your first job interview, but before your first day at work, make sure you have a thorough look at your employer's website and social media channels. Do you know the company's values, mission and vision? Do you know what the organisation stands for? You may have been given a brochure or information material during your interviews, so be sure to go through this again. Is there a longer time between the day you signed your contract and your start date? Then it may be useful to reread your contract and employment regulations, so that you immediately remember the company rules on holiday arrangements, healthcare and other company rules. Do you really want to impress your future manager? Then you might want to ask whether there are things you can do in preparation or read up on certain matters a few days before your starting date.  

Be on time 

Being on time is always important, but even more so on your first day at work. If your job interviews took place online or at another location and you have not yet visited your new workplace, you would do well to go through the process beforehand.  That way, you will know exactly how long the commute will take. Allow some extra time and there is little chance you will be late. If this does happen due to circumstances beyond your control, it is best to call your new employer to let them know. Even if it is not nice to be late, your manager will understand that your train is delayed or that you are stuck in an unexpected traffic jam.  

Wear the right outfit  

Your clothes also contribute to a good impression, or a bad one. But what should you wear on that first working day? It is advisable to start 'safe' and not try to be too special. Leave your flashy shoes or jewellery at home for now. During your job interviews, you may have already caught glimpses of colleagues and have an idea of how they are dressed. If not, it is in any case better to be slightly overdressed than underdressed. You don't want to be wearing jeans and trainers while your managers and colleagues come to the office in tailored suits. Choose a look that suits both you and the company. 

Ask questions and be friendly 

Now that you have done enough research and put on the right outfit, it is time to really impress. Ask as many smart questions as possible on your first day at work. That way, you will avoid making mistakes and show that you want to master your new position quickly. Your supervisor will undoubtedly appreciate this. For example, you can ask 'What should I focus on today?' or 'Who can I turn to with questions if my manager is not immediately available?' It is also important to maintain an open and friendly attitude. Introduce yourself nicely, join your colleagues for lunch and say hello when you return home. This friendly attitude will ensure smooth cooperation between you and your colleagues, and you will be on good terms with everyone from day one. Good luck!   

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