As an interim or temporary professional, strong networking skills are essential for a successful career. As a temporary employee, you usually change jobs more often, which means you are regularly looking for new opportunities. A solid network of valuable contacts can be invaluable in finding new (temporary) positions. The following tips from staffing specialist Walters People will help you build a network that will benefit you in the short and long term.

Diversify your contacts 

Networking goes beyond establishing business relationships; it also includes actively maintaining these connections over the long term. When doing so, do not focus only on professionals within your own field. A diverse network can offer unexpected opportunities and broaden your horizons. By investing sufficient time in building and maintaining your network, you can quickly find out which people you can turn to with specific questions or needs.

Know your colleagues 

If you have worked as an interim professional for some time, you will automatically encounter various organisations and sectors. Take the time to connect with colleagues and managers, even during short-term assignments. Participation in team activities and informal conversations at the coffee machine can help build valuable relationships. Even after an interim assignment is completed, it is important to maintain contacts by occasionally calling, emailing or meeting up for an informal chat.

Be visible online 

Always keep your LinkedIn profile up-to-date and regularly inform your contacts about your availability and new challenges. An effective networker not only shares information, but also recommends the services of his connections or introduces them to other relevant contacts within the network. Besides LinkedIn, active participation in relevant online forums and platforms in your field can also increase your visibility and generate new connections.

Go to professional events 

If you are not used to going to events, set a clear goal in advance. Think about the people or organisations you want to connect with and prepare a strong 'elevator pitch' to introduce yourself quickly and efficiently. Show genuine interest in other attendees by asking pointed questions and share your own insights whenever possible. Be confident and credible, but avoid arrogance. If you meet an interesting person, feel free to ask for a business card and send a LinkedIn request afterwards referring to your meeting.

Remember that a strong network is not only about what you can get out of it, but also about what you can contribute to others.

By adding value to your connections and being genuinely interested in their success, you will build lasting relationships that will pay off in the long run.


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