Job satisfaction is invaluable. Because those who enjoy their work are more creative, healthier, and to top it all off, perform a lot better. The good news is: you can build it yourself. To find optimal job happiness, you really don't have to change jobs right away. Staffing specialist Walters People shares three tips that will make you happier in your current job. 

1. Work towards something 

Nothing is more mind-numbing than a monotonous job with no prospects. To feel happy in your job, you need to be sufficiently challenged and stimulated. You can challenge yourself by working towards something every day: whether it is ticking off the tasks on your to-do list, or a long-term career goal you would like to achieve. Discuss clearly with your manager what advancement opportunities you have, so you know which targets to focus on. 

When making a job switch, try to choose your new employer based on personal match. Working becomes a lot more enjoyable when you feel involved in the organisation. For example, if you care a lot about the environment, choose an organisation that has the same environmental goals as you. If your personal values and goals align with those of the organisation, you are guaranteed to go to work every day with a smile. 

2. A good work-life balance 

Those who experience a lot of stress in the workplace will not be optimally happy in their job. If you want to feel happier and more energetic, reducing stress is essential. Try to take enough holidays and spread them throughout the year so that you can recharge your batteries regularly. Also schedule moments of rest during your working day, for example by taking time to have lunch away from your desk, or by taking a walk in the afternoon. Another tip is to experiment with flexible working hours. If you can work when it suits you best, you will feel more energetic and motivated. 

3. Good relationships with colleagues 

If you work full-time, you will spend more time with your colleagues during the week than with friends or family. A nice collegial working atmosphere boosts productivity and contributes to your job satisfaction. Therefore, it is definitely worth investing in the relationship with your colleagues. Treat each other with respect and take the time to get to know each other on a personal level: have a chat near the coffee machine, have lunch together during the lunch break or go for a drink after work. Working becomes a lot more fun when your colleagues feel like friends. In addition, good relationships in the workplace make you work better together and feel more committed to the organisation, which again has a positive effect on your happiness at work.    

Good contact with your manager also increases your job satisfaction. Open and effective management plays an important role in your job satisfaction. Therefore, communicate honestly with your manager: discuss what aspects of your job you like and dislike, and what responsibilities or tasks you would like to have added. Express problems and irritations in the workplace in good time, so they do not lurk in the background. Those who communicate transparently will feel happier within their jobs.


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