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The job and salary of a Customer Service Representative

What does a Customer Service Representative do, what is the number of vacancies at the moment and what will the future bring? Margaux puts this exciting role in focus.

What if... your educational background does not match your dream job?

You finally find a vacancy that describes your dream job after a long search, but it turns out you don't have the right profile to qualify. Do you still apply? We explain how best to deal with this situation.

Combining study and work? This is how to do it!

Combining working and studying is not an easy task. We explain how best to organize your time as a student employee.

Selling yourself is allowed ... Lying is not!

Applying for a job is not an easy task. You naturally want to stand out among all the other candidates, and make a good impression. However, selling yourself is not without danger: the line with lying is thin. Sharon explains what can and cannot be done.

Tell me about yourself: tips for a smooth response

"Tell me about yourself" is the standard opening question of almost every job interview. Want to know how best to answer this question? Here are a few important tips.

Nervous before a job interview? 6 tips!

Are you going for a job interview soon and already feeling the nerves? These 6 tips will help you go into the interview feeling confident.

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