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5 Tips to pimp your LinkedIn profile

How do you get the most out of your LinkedIn profile? We share our best tips for getting noticed by the right people.

Presenting is a skill you can learn: here are 6 tips to get you started

The quality of a presentation mostly depends on the person presenting. How do you capture your audience's attention and deliver a powerful presentation? Walters People shares 6 tips.

How important is the role of a Customer Service Representative?

What does a Customer Service Representative do, what is the number of vacancies at the moment and what will the future bring? We put this exciting role in focus.

Should you tell your potential employer that you are also applying elsewhere, or not?

When you are looking for a new job, you usually have several applications running at the same time, possibly with competing companies. Should you mention this during your interview with a potential employer? We explain on the basis of 3 situations.
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The importance of (fake) commuting

Although the journey to and from work often leads to annoyances and frustrations, it turns out that this commute time also has its advantages. Alison explains.

Applying for a job spontaneously: a good idea or not?

Does it make sense to spontaneously send your CV to a company or does it end up in the bin anyway? It takes some time, but spontaneously applying for a job can definitely make a difference, according to staffing specialist Walters People.

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