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What can you expect during a job interview at Walters People? What's it like to work as a temp?

How long does an interview take and what are the next steps? What can Walters People do for you?

Read our tips in order to be well prepared for your interview at Walters People.



  • Bring your identity card, SIS card and bank card
  • An accounting or Excel test (+- 30 minutes) will be taken, depending on your profile
  • Face-to-face interview (+- 60 minutes), depending on your work experience
  • During the interview we provide you with information about our company and how we work
  • Discussion of your CV and job requirements in order to have a better understanding of what kind of contract and job you are looking for 
  • We will also ask for references 
  • We will switch to other languages during the interview in order to test your language skills.

During your employment through Walters People:

Who is my employer when I start working through Walters People?

When you start working for Walters People, we become your legal employer. This means that you should inform us at all times of any absences, work-related accidents or other issues which might be important for your payroll. You remain, however, also subject to the working conditions of the company where you are situated on a daily basis.

What are my rights as a temporary employee? 

As a temporary employee, you have the same rights as a fixed employee. This means, e.g., that if there is an indexation to be applied in the company where you work, your salary will also be increased. 

Do I need to send a signed copy of the contract each week?

Yes. You will need to send us a signed copy of your new contract by 5 P.M. on Monday as we utilise weekly contracts which are extended every week. 

Why do I need to complete a timesheet each week?

Without your timesheet, with both your and your Managers’ signature, we cannot pay your salary because we cannot determine the number of hours you have worked. It is therefore very important to send us your signed timesheet each week by 5 P.M. on Monday.

When do I receive my salary?

Salary payments are processed each Wednesday. Your salary will be in your bank account on Wednesday or Thursday, depending on your bank. 

How are the professional withholding taxes calculated? 

As a temporary employee you are not subject to the same scales which are used for fixed employees. Walters People is, however, obliged by law to apply a minimum of 11.11% of professional withholding taxes. In order to avoid any surprises with your tax declaration at the end of the year, though, we recommend you apply between 25 – 30%. 

Any deductions (e.g. because you are single or because you have a dependant family member) will be taken into account with your annual tax declaration. 

I would like to take some legal days off. What is the procedure?

When you have a temporary contract, you are entitled to take legal holidays just like any other employee. You only have to inform our payroll coordinator one week beforehand so that all administrative formalities can be fulfilled. 

What do I have to do when I’m ill?

There are three things you should do when you are ill: 

Please note: These rules also apply when you are ill for only 1 day.

Other questions?

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