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Turning your internship into a job

What can you do as an intern to make sure you can secure a job once your internship is over? Follow our 6 tips.

Working efficiently from home: 3 essential skills

Working from home brings along both advantages and challenges. Maud Deweer outlines 3 important skills for efficient working from home..
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Four reasons why now is a good time to change jobs

After a year of working from home and taking the time for self reflection, people are ready for a new impulse. Marie-Astrid explains.

7 frequently asked questions from Accountants

In our recent webinar ‘The future role of the Accountant’, Walters People specialists gave an insight in the latest trends on the job market for accounting professionals. This article gives an answer to 7 questions our participants had.

Keep your job search alive from home

Unsure how to continue your job hunt from home? Fear not, here's an action plan to keep your job search alive, all from the comfort of your sofa.

How to screen a job advert

Are you looking to change careers? Walters People provides you with hands-on advice on finding relevant job offers.
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