Many companies offer internships to students. If your internship is going well, there is a real chance that you can stay on as a permanent employee. What can you do as an intern to increase your chances of getting a permanent job after your internship or to find a full-time job as soon as your internship is over? 

Staffing specialist Walters People shares some tips on how to get noticed during your internship period, show interest in the company and maybe turn your internship into a full-time job.  

Make a good impression 

The best way to get noticed in a positive way is to work hard and give your all to the tasks you are given. This will show how much you value working for this organisation and will help you to appear valuable. Make sure your manager is kept informed of what you are doing and your progress by scheduling regular meetings. Also show initiative in projects and ask for more work once you have finished a task. 

Ask questions 

Don't be afraid to ask questions. If you are given responsibility for something you are not sure about, feel free to ask a colleague or your manager for help. It is better to check a few things first and do a good job than to start an assignment not knowing exactly what is expected.  

Expand your network  

Use every opportunity you get to network with your colleagues. Get to know everyone from your fellow interns to senior staff. This is a perfect chance to learn what people like about the company, and what steps they went through to get the job they are in now. This will help you to be visible to management when deciding to hire additional employees. 

Set yourself some goals 

During the first week of your internship, map out your goals and responsibilities together with your supervisor. Make it clear which projects you would like to tackle during your internship. Are there any skills you would like to improve? If so, be open and honest about this as well.  

Ask for feedback 

Setting goals for yourself is obviously not enough. You also need to check whether these goals are being achieved. It is therefore important to ask your internship supervisor for feedback from time to time. Are you on the right track or are there still issues that require extra attention? Listen carefully to the feedback you receive and act on it. Colleagues and supervisors will appreciate it when you listen to their advice, and thus improve the quality of your work.  

Be positive 

Always approach any project you are assigned with a positive attitude. You may not like every task you are given, but if you remain positive about every aspect of the internship, your supervisor will also notice. It shows that you are a 'team player' and don't mind doing some of the less pleasant tasks to help achieve bigger team and company goals. 

What if you don't get an offer for your internship?  

It can of course happen that you are not offered a permanent job after your internship period. There can be various reasons for this. Perhaps there is simply no need for an extra worker at that time. You do not receive an offer? Then don't be too disappointed. If you are still hoping for a job at the same company, it is important to stay connected. Connect with the people you worked with via LinkedIn so you can stay in touch once your internship is over. In this way they can keep you up to date with the situation in the company. 

Even when you are looking for another job, your former colleagues can still be useful. They are a great source of recommendations and references. Your internship was also the ideal opportunity to get a taste of what you like and don't like. Take this into account when looking for your future job. Interview several organisations and discuss all the possibilities. 


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