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Many companies offer recent graduates and junior professionals internships as a way to screen talent before having them jump onboard as an employee. What can you do as an intern to make sure you can secure a job once your internship is over? 

Follow the six tips below from the moment you start to stand out in your role and display your interest in the company to improve your chances of landing a job offer.


1. Make a good impression

The best way to turn an internship into a full-time job is to work hard and commit 110% to the job you are given. This will show how much you value working there and help make yourself valuable in the eyes of the company. Be sure to keep your manager up to date on your work and accomplishments by checking in frequently and making sure you are meeting his/her expectations. Show initiative in any projects and ask for more work when you finish a task.

2. Ask questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you’ve been put in charge of something you are unsure of, ask colleagues or your supervisor to make sure you fully understand. 

3. Network

Use every opportunity you have to network with your colleagues. Get to know everyone from your fellow interns to senior employees. This is a perfect opportunity to learn what people enjoy about working there, and what their career path was to get them to the spot they are in. This will help make you more memorable to management if they decide to take on full-time employees.

4. Set goals

During the first week of your internship, map out your goals and responsibilities with your supervisor. Be open and honest about which skills you’d like to focus on or projects you’d like to tackle during your time with the company.

5. Be positive

Always treat each project with a positive attitude. You are not going to like every task you are given, but when you are and positive about each aspect of the job your supervisor will notice. It shows you are a “team player” and don’t mind doing some of the less pleasant jobs to help the greater team and company goals.

6. Keep in touch

Connect with the people you worked with or knew within the company via LinkedIn in order to keep in touch once your internship is over. A company may not always be able to offer a full-time job right away, so staying in touch with people is an easy way to keep yourself in their mind for when an opportunity does arise and they need to hire someone. Additionally, these colleagues can be great sources of recommendations and references for future jobs you apply for.


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