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Nearly graduated? Find out how much you could earn in a business support role

Recently or almost graduated and about to start your career in business support? You're probably eager to find out what salary to expect in your first job! Asia Skifati explains.

The job and salary of an Assistant Accountant

Jef Timmerman discusses the responsibilities, skills required and average salary in a role as Assistant Accountant as well as revealing what makes this role attractive.

The job and salary of a Claims Handler

We spoke to Claire Hardy about the role of claims Handler. She explains exactly what this role entails, which profiles qualify and what salary you can expect as a claims Handler.

The automotive sector is crying out for sales talent

With a rising demand for electric cars, the need for sales support talent in the mobility sector also grows. Lauren Van Hoof explains what opportunities sales professionals can expect in this rapidly evolving sector.

The job and salary of an Accounts Receivable Accountant

What exactly do you do as Accounts Receivable Accountant, what career opportunities do you have and what salary can you expect? Robbe Heymans explains.

The job and salary of a Junior External Auditor

Lene Coeman explains exactly what the role of an External Auditor entails, what the advancement opportunities are and what salary you can expect.

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