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The automotive sector is crying out for sales talent

With a rising demand for electric cars, the need for sales support talent is also growing. Stefanie reveals the coming opportunities in the automotive sector.

Innovative entrepreneurship in Flanders causes an explosion in the demand for Export Specialists

What exactly does an Export Specialist do? Viktorien van Loon explains what makes this international and varied job so exciting and why demand is so high right now.
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Good agreements make good friends: Why Credit Controllers are in such high demand

We noticed that on the labour market the demand for Credit Controllers in the past quarter was no less than 27% higher than a year ago. Karl Bladt explains.

What do accountants value most in their employer?

There have been some changes over the last year in what accountants value most from their employer. Salary is no longer a priority, colleagues are. Kevin Blockx explains what their top five looks like.
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Why an Office Manager is indispensable

To ensure the smooth running of an organisation, an Office Manager is essential. Femke Strijckmans explains what makes an Office Manager so indispensable in a healthy organisation.

Impact of Covid-19 on Accountants' careers

A minority of accountants consider the corona pandemic as a positive element in their career. But for one in five accountants, the Covid-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on their career. Lene Coeman shares her vision.
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