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The job and salary of a Credit Controller

The versatile role of a Credit Controller is crucial to the financial health of an organisation. Els Vander Borght explains.

The job and salary of an Assistant Accountant

Jef Timmerman discusses the responsibilities, skills required and average salary in a role as Assistant Accountant as well as revealing what makes this role attractive.

The job and the salary of an Account Manager

Glenn François takes a closer look at the job of an Account Mannager and tells more about the range of tasks, career opportunities and salary of an account manager.

Career opportunities within legal support 

Bo Beintema will take you through the various career opportunities within legal support.

The job and salary of a General Ledger Accountant

Maïté Bertels reveals the core responsibilities of a General Ledger Accountant, the skills required and how demand for this particular talent is evolving in today's job market.

The job and salary of a Claims Handler

We spoke to Claire Hardy about the role of claims Handler. She explains exactly what this role entails, which profiles qualify and what salary you can expect as a claims Handler.

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