Are you passionate about taxation? Do figures hold no secrets for you?

A career within an accounting firm could then be a great fit for you. Accounting jobs have changed to such an extent in recent years that very little remains of a traditional stiff image one might imagine. 

Jens Spittael, Manager of Walters People, gives us 5 great reasons why you should consider joining an accounting firm.

1.    Technology has allowed more time for professional advice to clients

Many accounting firms have made great efforts to ‘go digital’. With a major part of routine work now done by software programmes, it has allowed accountants to have more time to focus on more interesting and stimulating tasks. “Thanks to digitization, an accountant's duties have evolved in step with technology. They are now able to have more time to take up his or her role as advisor and confidante”, says Jens.

2.    Your remit is widely varied

Working in an accounting firm will allow you to quickly learn the tricks of the trade. You will be managing files for all types of clients active in various different sectors, ranging from self-employed and start-ups to SME's and larger international companies. You will therefore come into contact with every facet of the profession and rack up a wide range of competencies. All the knowledge and exposure which you will have gained within an accounting firm will allow you to greatly maximize your career prospects down the road.

3.    Those eager-to-learn are welcomed with open arms

Have you just graduated as a bachelor or master in an accountancy or taxation discipline, or are you an accountant or a tax consultant with a few years of experience? If so, an accounting firm will welcome you with open arms.“Accounting firms love to invest in new recruits. They provide further training in order to help professionals become the financial experts their clients are seeking."

Whatever level you're at, your accounting practice can be adapted to your circumstances and preferences. This is advantageous to both junior professionals and to anyone who wishes to expand their knowledge” explains Jens.

4.    You will expand your knowledge of accountancy and taxation

If a career in accountancy and taxation calls out to you, then an accounting firm is surely the place to be. As tax laws are always evolving and changing, it will be necessary for you to brush up on and expand your knowledge on a regular basis. “Eager-to-learn professionals who are highly motivated to succeed will be able to count on their employer’s support. An accounting firm will give them every opportunity to further expand their knowledge and skills”, says Jens.

5.    You will build up a generous remuneration package

Accountants are number people. That’s why accounting firms offer grads and juniors the chance to build up a generous remuneration package. Look further than your initial basic salary as usually, as you grow, you will start to benefit from numerous fringe benefits and merit-related perks, such as a company car or a net allowance for expenses. 

Are you considering a career within an accounting firm?

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