Looking for your next role and unsure about what steps to take?

In unprecedented circumstances, workplaces are continuing to engage and hire talent by connecting remotely, so it’s time to use technology to your advantage to focus your job hunt from home.

Walters People provides digital recruitment solutions mean you can apply, interview and be hired straight into your next position, all from the comfort of your sofa. Below action plan will help you to continue your job search right from your home office.

Use tech to your advantage

It’s still possible to get vital face-time with employers and recruiters using video technology, without having to meet in person. Let your recruitment consultant know you are open to video interviews and embrace using video platforms, outside of Skype that you may not have encountered before. If you are unfamiliar with how to conduct yourself during a video interview, check out our top video interview tips.

Prior to any video interview, always test your Wi-Fi connection and audio settings to ensure you have minimal disturbances during your video call. Be sure to have switched off any pop-ups or downloads that might interrupt your call.

Create an interactive CV

Walters People's digital recruitment technology allows candidates to record themselves from mobile, laptop, desktop or tablet, all in your own time, by answering pre-determined questions. With your consent, our recruitment consultants can send your digital CV to multiple prospective employers for review, speeding up the recruitment process for you.

Geared to work remotely, Walters People consultants are on hand to support you and assist you through your job search so reach out to gain access to the latest jobs and unrivalled career advice.

Keep the conversation active with your recruitment consultant

Jobseeking from your home office can be isolating, so be proactive by checking in regularly with your recruitment consultant, as they have first-hand access to a stream of live roles which may be best suited to you. Geared to work remotely, Walters People consultants are on hand to support you and assist you through your job search so reach out to gain access to the latest jobs and unrivalled career advice.

Consider the value of contract work

In an uncertain job market, more contract positions tend to be available as cautious employers are more likely to look to onboard temporary resource before committing to a permanent hire. Contracting is a fantastic opportunity for you to gain exposure to multiple industries and acquire new technical skills along the way. You may find the flexibility suits you, or it could be an excellent way to and get a foot in the door with a great employer.

Give your LinkedIn profile a boost

Use this time at home to be as active as possible on networking platforms such as LinkedIn. Switch the settings on your LinkedIn profile to let recruiters and employers know that you’re actively open to job approaches – this means your profile will turn up on active searches related to your field. This way it is far more likely that a recruitment consultant will reach out to you with exciting opportunities that you wouldn’t have found through active job board searches. 

Want to go the extra mile? Be bold and post on your feed to say you're actively looking for positions, including the type of role you're looking for, detailing your key skills and experience. Ask people to get in touch with you to view your CV.

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