Nearly graduated? Find out which salary you can expect


Nearly graduated and eager to quickly climb the career ladder?

As a student, you can already take some steps to ensure your career will swiftly take off. The key is to be proactive, using you interests and network. 

We have developed a useful guide with tips and advice that you can download now.


Our tips in a nutshell:

  1. Start now
  2. Use social media in a professional way 
  3. Display your interests
  4. Network, network, network
  5. Keep learning
  6. Get help
  7. Think carefully about your first job and internship

Curious to see which salary you can expect as a graduate? 

Besides tips & advice on how to launch your career, this guide also gives an overview of salaries for junior jobs in accounting & finance, banking & insurance, administration, sales & marketing, supply chain and human resources. Find out which salary you can expect in your first job and download the free guide today.

And why not a career in recruitment? 

Audrey Hannecart, our Hiring & Talent Manager, explains why working in recruitment would be the perfect jump-start for your career
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