The Walters People Salary Checker App


Questions about salary requirements are one of the very few questions guaranteed to come up during a job interview or screening proces. 

What if you toss out a low number and lock yourself in at a loss, or shoot too high and scale yourself out of the running? 

The Walters People Salary Checker app enables you to find out what you're worth. The app gives you access to both temporary and permanent salaries in over 20 countries. 

Whether you are a secretary, a receptionist, a controller or a customer service representative - you can easily see what other people in this position earn in Brussels, Amsterdam, New York and Singapore for example. 

Since the launch of the app in 2011, it was downloaded more than 100,000 times and reached a #1 position in the iTunes business apps list.

Do you know what other professionals like you earn? Or would you like to know which salary to expect for a job you want to apply for? 

Download our App today or find out more about our Salary Survey.

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