Every month, at Walters People , we put a popular job in the spotlight. This month, this is the role of Payroll Officer.

Are you curious about the content and career opportunities of this role? We asked the advice of Asia Skifati, our expert on the subject matter.

What does a Payroll Officer do exactly?

A Payroll Officer is part of the human resources team and processes the salaries of all employees of the company, often in cooperation with a social accounting secretariat. He or she also works closely with the financial department and acts as a go-to person for all questions related to payroll administration.

Which skills are required to become a successful Payroll Officer?

Besides hard skills such as knowledge of IT and legislation, the best Payroll Officers also master a number of important soft skills. Precision and integrity are indispensable in this function, as are communicative skills and inquisitiveness.

Given a lot of payroll tasks are gradually being automated, it is also no superfluous luxury to continuously invest in extra training. This also applies to the legislation, which is adjusted with the regularity of the clock.

Asia Skifati, Manager Business Support at Walters People: 

In Belgium, an increasing amount of foreign entities are currently looking for specialists who have knowledge of their local law. As such candidates are scarce, the ones lacking this knowledge will also qualify, provided that they master the Belgian legislation to perfection.

What does the future of payroll look like?

Many companies continue to grow and are consequently hiring more employees. This results in an increasing demand for Payroll Specialists. However, this is not the only trend in the world of HR.

Asia: "I’m looking forward to the developments in terms of what one calls employee relationship management or ERM. Thanks to automation, Payroll Officers get the opportunity to concentrate on the individual needs of employees. "

However, we advise you to remember that all sensitive information related to payroll is subject to the GDPR legislation. This could slow down the current momentum in which HR is currently located.

How much do you earn as a Payroll Officer?

According to our latest Salary Survey, the salary of a novice Payroll Officer is between €2000 and €2500 per month. If you have between 3 and 6 years of experience, the salary in case of a temporary contract varies from €2500 to €3200. In case you already have more than 6 years of experience, you can expect a monthly salary that is between €2800 and €4000.

A career as Payroll Officer

Are you aiming for a career within HR and would you like to know where majority of payroll jobs are to be found? Statistics from Jobfeed have shown that since July 2018, more than 500 extra temporary payroll vacancies were created in Belgium. 22% of the total number of jobs can be found in the Brussels-Capital region. 16% in the province of Antwerp and 10% in the province of Hainaut.

Are you ready for that new challenge?

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