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How to welcome a new employee in your team

Attracting talent is one thing, but making new employees feel welcome in the organisation is just as important. How do you give a warm welcome to your new team member? We share a few tips.

How to motivate your employees after a holiday?

Now that the holiday period is over, the batteries have been recharged for most of your employees - but what about their motivation? We share 3 tips to avoid a motivation dip upon their return.

Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z: why you need all three in the workplace

Each generation has its own typical characteristics, and these can also be perceived in the workplace. As an employer, how do you ensure that all generations work together optimally? Gitte explains.

How to get the most out of your student

Especially because a summer student is only present for a few weeks, it is important that he or she quickly feels at ease and becomes productive. Read our tips.
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Post-Covid: Does hybrid working mean the downfall of the Office?

As the corona period draws to a close, most employees still prefer to work partly from home. So is the downfall of the office near? Antje shares her view on hybrid working and its impact on office life.

Companies miss out on talent because of a slow recruitment process

In this historically tight labour market, a strict and fast recruitment process has become more essential than ever. Lene shares her tips for a smooth hiring procedure.

How to recruit efficiently in 2022

The current labour market calls for a fast approach. Özlem Simsek has 3 tips for a short, effective and personal recruitment process.
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Why an Office Manager is indispensable

To ensure the smooth running of an organisation, an Office Manager is essential. Femke Strijckmans explains what makes an Office Manager so indispensable in a healthy organisation.

5 tips to gear up your business for remote working

Preparing to onboard staff remotely? It's important to make sure your business is 'remote-ready' to ensure your current team, and any new hires, feel supported to quickly adapt to a home-based working environment.

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