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40% of professionals think employers should do more to support workforce wellbeing

Employers should be doing more to help with employee wellbeing, according to 40% of Belgian professionals surveyed by staffing specialist Walters People.

Gen Z not planning to be stuck in daily traffic jams

With the entry of Gen Z into the job market, one thing is certain: this generation actively seeks a healthy work-life balance. Walters People examined the wishes of employees with 1 to 3 years of experience via a recent survey.

Understanding Generation Z in the workplace

In a recent study, Walters People aimed at understanding Generation Z's influence in professional settings. Clarissa Pryce shares the key findings of the study.

5 tips for a smooth year-end closing process

Walters People shares 5 tips on how hiring an interim finance professional can help you and your staff members get through the end of the year period smoothly.

What drives Generation Z in the labour market?

Staffing specialist Walters People recently conducted research among young professionals with 1 to 3 years' experience to gain insight into their views on the job market and their career plans.

Young professionals in charge, despite inflation and uncertain economy

Staffing specialist Walters People recently conducted research among young professionals with 1 to 3 years' experience, asking them about their experiences as juniors on the job market.

What makes Generation Z loyal to their employer?

In a recent survey among young professionals with up to three years' experience, staffing specialist Walters People examined the factors that most motivate Gen Z'ers to remain with their employer. Marie-Astrid Carlier explains the results.

Job title inflation: new coping mechanism among employers?

While inflation has soared in recent months, another area also seems to be affected by this trend: employee job titles. Marie-Astrid Carlier explains.

How can employers create an effective gender diverse strategy?

Asia reveals the most common pitfalls for organisations when developing gender diversity policies and shares valuable tips on how to avoid them.

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