With the entry of Gen Z into the job market, one thing is certain: this generation actively seeks a healthy work-life balance. Staffing specialist Walters People examined the wishes of employees with 1 to 3 years of experience via a recent survey. The results revealed two key factors that act as catalysts for a good work-life balance among young professionals.

Commute time

Almost 40% of participants spend between 30 and 60 minutes commuting daily, while more than 30% spend even more than an hour on the road. This is in stark contrast to young professionals' desire to work closer to home: indeed, 41% indicate that the opportunity to work closer to home is a major motivation for applying for a new job.

Working from home

Although currently a third of these young professionals do not have a homeworking option, the freedom to do so seems to play a significant role in the job choice of this generation of workers. As many as 84% of respondents wish to work from home at least two days a week. For 35%, (more) teleworking is even an important motivator to look for a new job.

Impact on employers

These findings offer employers vital insights into the needs of young professionals. "Gen Z demands flexibility, autonomy in work schedules and a healthy work-life balance," said Gitte Peeraer, Senior Talent Acquisition & Learning Specialist at Walters People. "Organisations that embrace these aspects have a competitive advantage in attracting this talent in today's tight labour market.

For employers looking to retain young talent, it is advisable to reconsider their flexible working offerings in the short term.

Indeed, the survey shows that almost one in five young workers plan to look out for a new job within the coming year." 


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