Employers should be doing more to help with employee wellbeing, according to 40% of Belgian professionals surveyed by staffing specialist Walters People.

The research also found that one third of senior leaders has increased their spending on wellness benefits in the past year, as part of their retention policy. 

“We are seeing that the focus has shifted in recent years, from professionals asking ‘what can I do for a company?’ to ‘how can my employer help me?’,” comments Sofie Vercammen, Talent Acquisition & Learning Specialist at Walters People Belgium.

“The rise in awareness of employee wellbeing has not only caused employees to become more outspoken in terms of their own expectations in the workplace, but shifted the spotlight onto employers, increasing expectations around what the leaders of companies should be doing to support their staff."

"While budgets may be tight, 2024 is evidently not the year to turn a blind eye to money being spent on employee wellbeing.”

A resounding 70% of professionals surveyed stated they now expect more, such as wellbeing services, better work-life balance and environmental, social and governance contributions, from their employers.

 The survey also showed that more than three quarters (76%) of employers expect talent retention to be a concern in 2024. To curb this problem, 33% of them plan to improve wellbeing services within the organisation this year. Sofie continues: “Upscaling wellbeing interventions can be as easy and inexpensive as improving access to mental health resources, setting up mental health employee resource groups (ERGs), offering paid sabbaticals, or even simple things like adding plants into the workplace and offering yoga classes, healthy lunches and stress management training.”


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