In a recent study, staffing specialist Walters People aimed at understanding Generation Z's influence in professional settings. This involved examining the preferences and characteristics of employees under the age of 25. Clarissa Pryce, manager at Walters People, shares the key findings of the study.

Work preferences 

The survey shows that 63% of young workers under 25 prefer a hybrid working method, depending on tasks and state of mind. Only 29% prefer a collaborative team environment, and 8% favour working independently.  

Clarissa explains: "Generation Z values flexibility and adaptability in their work. They value fun at work and working together in a nice team, but also maintain boundaries with their private lives and strive for a good work-life balance."

Collaborating with Gen Z 

"While collaboration is traditionally an important aspect of office work, the rise of Generation Z has caused a shift," Clarissa shares.

Respondents over 25 cite inadequate communication skills (41%) and lack of knowledge of the pre-COVID work environment (27%) as obstacles to collaborating with Gen Z'ers. 

Clarissa: "Interestingly, 18% of respondents note that Generation Z seems reluctant to work in teams, which may indicate a trend towards working autonomously within this group."

Appreciable skills 

Despite these challenges, Generation Z brings some interesting skills. Surveyed over-25s admire the creative thinking (40%), innovative spirit and entrepreneurship (33%), and digital prowess (20%) of young workers. "These traits indicate a new wave of talent with a unique perspective on problem solving and innovation," says Clarissa.

The added value of Gen Z 

"As the professional landscape evolves, understanding and leveraging the unique strengths of Generation Z is a strategic advantage for organisations," Clarissa explains. "When asked about the contribution of Generation Z professionals, 50% of respondents recognise their more modern way of working. In addition, 33% emphasise their ability to think outside the box, bringing fresh perspectives and unconventional ideas that enrich the working environment."


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