In a recent survey among young professionals with up to three years' experience, staffing specialist Walters People examined the factors that most motivate Gen Z'ers to remain with their employer. Marie-Astrid Carlier, associate director at Walters People, explains the results.

Retention of young talents

Respondents cited several key drivers motivating their loyalty to their current employer:

  1. Salary and benefits: A significant 44% of participants named a competitive salary and attractive fringe benefits as the main motivation for staying with their current employer. This underlines the crucial role remuneration plays in attracting and retaining young talent.  

  2. Work atmosphere and colleagues: In second place, with 42%, was the influence of work atmosphere and colleagues, highlighting the importance of a supportive and stimulating working environment for young professionals.  

  3. Company culture and values: In addition, 36% of respondents highlighted the impact of an organisation's culture and values on their choice to stay on board. Generation Z strongly strives to align personal and corporate values.

Tenure intentions

When asked how long they plan to stay employed with their current employer, one-third of young professionals replied that they do not currently plan to change jobs.

Moreover, 18% expressed a desire to switch employers within the year. Another 19% plan to make this move within a period of 1 to 3 years.

"Within generation Z, there is indeed a certain division in long-term plans," Marie-Astrid explains. "Some young professionals choose their first job in line with their studies and career goals. They invest these first years in building skills and networks. Conversely, another group of Gen Z'ers opt for various life experiences, such as volunteering or temporary positions abroad, before fully committing to their career path."

Satisfaction with Salary Packages

In terms of satisfaction with their current salary package, 70% of respondents said they were satisfied. Marie-Astrid: “This is good news for organisations looking to keep young talent aboard. Indeed, the survey also taught us that higher pay is the main motivator for 8 in 10 Gen Z'ers to change jobs.”


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