The latest edition of the Walters People Salary Survey highlights employers' biggest HR concerns and challenges in 2020 in the area of recruitment and HR management. 

According to 48% of the organisations surveyed, in 2020 it will be more difficult to find qualified employees. This is mainly due to the general talent shortage we experienced in 2019. And we expect this trend to continue in 2020. Demand for talent exceeds supply: there are more vacancies than there are candidates available.

Maud Deweer, Walters People

In 2019, organisations had every confidence to recruit and grow their workforce. At the same time, unemployment rate decreased and so did the number of available candidates. For 2020, organisations are less optimistic: half of the surveyed employers have less confidence in economic growth for 2020. 

Major HR challenges 

Because of the talent shortage, 42% of employers surveyed believe that their biggest HR challenge will be to recruit new employees, especially highly skilled staff. "Employers are increasingly focused on a list of skills candidates need to possess and are looking for very versatile professionals. As half of organisations are not confident about economic growth in 2020, we expect employers to become even more demanding in their selection criteria and in choosing the final candidate for the job they are recruiting for," says Maud Deweer, Senior Manager in the Business Support division at Walters People.

Secondly, 43% of the organisations surveyed believe that their biggest challenge in 2020 will be to increase job satisfaction and employee engagement. 

"Today, there is a gap between the expectations of employees and employers. Employers generally focus on a strong hierarchical management structure, while employees - Generation Y in particular - strive for open management where they can be heard and express themselves”.

Well-being at work, a good work-life balance, flexibility and the Possibility of teleworking are factors employees pay enormous importance to when changing jobs.  

Key factors in attracting staff

According to 55% of the organisations surveyed, offering a competitive salary is the most important factor in attracting and retaining staff. An attractive working environment is also important for them. More than half of the organisations (53%) are convinced that offering a good work-life balance is essential for employees. Finally, the last indispensable factor is offering development perspectives to employees within the company. 

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