Companies often prefer experienced candidates over graduates when searching for new employees, even in the case of a starter’s role. This is why a lot of graduates have a hard time finding their first job.

Some don’t even try to apply for certain vacancies when experience is required, because they are convinced their application won’t be considered. 

“For a lot of companies this is certainly a missed opportunity,” says Asia Skifati, Associate Director at Walters People. She explains why you should hire graduates and argues for a different approach when hiring new employees and not always let experience be the decisive factor.

What relevant experience do graduates have?

Asia: “Recruiters tend to forget that a lot of students already acquire valuable experience during their studies. They engage in extracurricular activities through which they gain relevant skills for their curriculum. As member of a student association or by investing in finding an interesting internship, they are able to sharpen their organisational talent.”

No less than 75% of nearly graduates believes an interesting internship improves their chances on finding a first job. Students are allowed to work up to 475 hours a year. Such a student job also contributes to the skillset they have acquired by the time they graduate: they discover their own talent and learn what kind of job they would like to do.

Why do students start their job search even before they are graduated?

Given the amount of job offers for graduates is rather small, these youngsters are aware they can’t wait too long before starting their job search. As you know: first come, first served!

7 out of 10 of the respondents already know what kind of jobs they will apply for before graduating, and 64% is convinced a student job will impact their chances when they’re searching for a first job.

“These graduates visit several job fairs to get informed about the current job offerings and to position themselves in the job market. They start networking already by creating a LinkedIn account and following those companies and organisations in which they are interested.”

How can a graduate be an added value for organisations?

Most companies are involved in this so called war for talent for quite some time now. Attracting the right candidates has therefore become a huge challenge. A recent survey by Walters People has proven that 64% of employers have to put more effort in finding qualified employers than last year.

Students have the ambition to become the specialists and managers of tomorrow so it would only be fair that companies offer them the opportunity to do so.

 “This is why it is so important to broaden the scope of suitable candidates. Do not only consider experienced employees, but take graduates into account as well!”

Graduates are informed about the last trends and developments and often have the advantage of offering your company refreshing ideas. Unlike some experienced professionals they are still highly motivated to launch their careers. They have the ambition to become the specialists and managers of tomorrow so it would only be fair that companies offer them the opportunity to do so.

Are you convinced a graduate can be an asset for your company?

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