After a well-deserved summer break, it is time to get back to work with recharged batteries and full of fresh energy. But are your employees effectively ready to fly back in? The transition from relaxation to work can be challenging for many. With the right approach, you can prevent a dip in motivation among your team members. Staffing specialist Walters People shares 3 tips!

Reap the benefits of clear holiday planning 

If you have planned well for the holiday period, you are sure to reap the benefits. When colleagues take alternating leave and take over the work from each other, it gives them a lot of peace when they return, and they are not overloaded with work. Thanks to such planning, the 'stayers' also know exactly what is expected of them. The fact that they can finish both their own work and that of a colleague will undoubtedly give them satisfaction.  

Give them a quiet restart 

After a holiday, that first day back at the office is an ordeal for many employees. Give them time to get back to work and get used to the daily work routine. Let them quietly check their mailbox and do not plan any important meetings or sudden deadlines shortly after their return. This causes stress and only demotivates your employees. 

Give the necessary attention 

When an employee returns from leave, take the time to drink a cup of coffee together and discuss how the holiday went. Often, a holiday period is also a time for reflection for employees. They have time and space to put several things in order and thus come to new insights or ideas. 

Let them know that you are pleased with their return and compliment them from time to time. Also inform them in time about any changes or developments within the organisation that were made during their absence. By sitting down with them on that first day, you show your commitment and that is good for loyalty.  


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