As a company, you prefer to employ confident and inspired employees who are happy in their job. The happier your employees are, the more productive they become.

But how do you know if your team is satisfied in their current work environment? Here are 5 characteristics of a satisfied employee.

1. Sense of initiative

A happy employee does more than what is expected of him and tries to get satisfaction from everything he does every single day. Besides the sense of initiative, he also has a clear career path in mind. He’s on a constant mission to contribute to the growth of your organisation and to improve your services.

2. Low absence rate

In case of an illness, a satisfied employee will stay at home less often. A simple cold or a headache will not stop him from going to work. You can count on him whether it concerns purely professional matters or whether he’s organising a company party. This will of course contribute to the positive working atmosphere in the office.

3. Proud of his work

A happy employee is proud of his work and as a true brand ambassador, he represents your company towards the outside world.

He’s emotionally involved, has attention to detail and is willing to make an extra effort to contribute to your company’s success, even without being asked. 

4. Positive attitude

A positive attitude is a clear indication of the fact your employees are happy. You can find out more about this attitude through open communication. Those who voluntarily and enthusiastically participate in conversations, consider themselves as fully-fledged members of your company community. 

5. Amity in the workplace

Satisfied employees often maintain good relationships with their colleagues, which benefits the work ethic and productivity inside your company. You will notice that a positive atmosphere will result in friendships that go beyond the working environment.

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