At Walters People we place great value on the benefits of building long-term relationships. Therefore the most important question we ask ourselves is “What can we do for you?”

Whether you are looking for a replacement, your department is understaffed or you are looking for a temporary employee, we can help. We know that your time is precious: within 24 hours we only introduce you to our carefully selected candidates after having first verified theirs skills and references.

Our success  is based on three major strengths:

A high degree of specialisation

Our experience and extensive knowledge of the various sectors we operate in, ensures we are able to provide you with efficient recruitment solutions.

A candidate focused approach

There is a reason behind the choice of our name: Walters People. We are a people focused business and building strong, collaborative relationships with our candidates which is central to finding the most suitable professionals for you.

A fast and reliable solution

The main Walters People strength is our fast, reliable and efficient service. Our consultants are able to handle urgent assignments thanks to our up-to-date database of qualified professionals.

The qualified candidate: a tailor-made solution

The longer our business is in operation, the clearer it becomes to us that a qualified candidate offers the best solution to respond to the rapidly changing needs of the labour market.

Contracting is increasingly proving to be a popular option for both companies and professionals, offering freedom and flexibility.

Benefits include:

For clients:

  • Qualified candidates who are able to ‘hit the ground running’
  • Candidates who fit in with your company’s culture
  • Fast decision-making
  • Flexible budgeting

For candidates:

  • Diverse roles within different business cultures
  • Opportunities for further training
  • Opportunities to build and strengthen knowledge in a short period
  • Flexibility

Are you looking to recruit a finance or business support professional?

If you need advice on finding the right professionals for your organisation, please contact one of our offices today and speak to our specialised consultants.

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