78% of support staff reveal being stressed at work


Employee well-being is a topic that is critical to business performance right now. That’s because time and time again, research shows that it is a key driver of engagement for professionals, making an employer’s ability to focus on employee wellbeing a conscious business decision.

With this in mind, Walters People recently surveyed business support professionals and asked them about their well-being at work. 


Results revealed a significant amout of workplace related stress

  • 78% of respondents revealed feeling stressed at work
  • 22% experience stress on a daily basis
  • 47% feel stress has had a negative impact on their performance at work
  • 62% feel there is too little time left for their personal life
  • 40% revealed having difficulties combining their personal life with work.

The top 3 factors causing work stress? High workload, overall dissatisfaction with the job and issues with colleagues.

About this survey

78 people participated to this survey, all employed in business support roles such as secretary, personal assistant, receptionist or office manager.

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For more information, read the full survey results and find out how to recognise stress in time and help your support staff cope with stress


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