The most popular sectors among Belgian professionals


A recent Walters People study of some 400 finance and business support professionals reveals that over half of Belgian employees are optimistic about the Belgian economy. Thirty-seven percent expect there to be more jobs in 2017, and professionals expect a lot of growth in IT, telecom & media in particular.

Özlem Simsek, Director at Walters People Belgium, explains which sectors are most popular and why.


IT and telecom

“Salaries tend to be slightly higher in the IT and telecom sectors, making them attractive to jobseekers,” says Özlem. Increasing automation is leading to the creation of new roles, both for IT professionals and for other support roles in finance, accounting, marketing and logistics.


“In tech and media companies, you tend to find a dynamic, young, family atmosphere where there seems to be less pressure. Professionals also attach great importance to the reputation of their future employer. Getting a job in these sectors is an end in itself for young professionals in particular,” says Özlem.

Consumer & luxury goods

The fact that image is an important factor when choosing a new employer also clearly plays a strong role in the consumer goods sector. Özlem: “Companies in the luxury sector seldom have trouble recruiting new staff. We often see candidates are willing to accept a lower salary than elsewhere if they get the opportunity to work for a luxury brand such as Christian Dior or Louis Vuitton.”

Banking & insurance

Despite the rather ‘stuffy’ image of the banking sector, we see that banks and insurance companies are still popular employers. “The attractive (flexible) working hours, generous leave and relatively high salaries are the main reasons why candidates opt for a job in the banking sector. Despite recent redundancies, we’re still seeing definite demand for auditors, risk analysts, compliance and digitisation specialists. In view of the shortage of candidates in the above mentioned areas, these professionals are in an ideal position to negotiate a higher salary when they change jobs”, says Özlem.

Pharma & health

Anyone looking for a job in a company where a strategic future vision is key is sure to find something to suit them in the pharmaceutical industry. Özlem: “To support their core business, the major players in the pharmaceutical world are constantly looking for specialists in audit, compliance and accounting who will help the company implement improvement processes and its growth strategy. And, since 14% of European of pharmaceutical product exports come from Belgium, lots of sales and logistics professionals are also finding their way to this exciting and constantly evolving industry”, concludes Özlem.

As the annual Walters People salary survey reveals, companies are increasingly prioritising sector experience when they look for new staff. Professionals who carefully choose the sector in which they decide to work and also possess sound language and IT skills are ahead of the game when changing jobs.

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