Showing employee recognition


Secretaries Day is the perfect opportunity to give some extra attention to your personal assistant, receptionist or office manager. But what about the rest of the year?

Do secretaries receive enough recognition and how important is it to them? We surveyed our candidates in business support roles about this topic.


Importance of recognition

Receiving enough recognition is clearly very important to our surveyed candidates: 92% consider it ‘important’ or ‘extremely important’. For 55%, a lack of recognition would even be a reason to quit their job. Remarkably,  the majority of participants (58%) does not discuss their need for recognition with their manager.


Showing recognition towards your secretary, receptionist or office manager has its benefits for a manager. Our participants say getting recognition for their work results in feeling happier at work (72%), being more motivated (68%) and being eager to take on more responsibilities (41%).

Fortunately, 65% of our surveyed candidates receive recognition on a regular basis. In most cases, recognition is given during a personal meeting (44%) which is also their preferred way to receive appreciation for work well done.

Secretaries Day

How about the Secretaries Day gift? Flowers remain the most popular gift (40%). However, a gift voucher  is the number one on secretaries’ wish list, followed by a lunch or flowers. Remarkable is that last year, only 1 out of 4 received a gift on Secretaries Day.

About this survey

83 people participated to this survey, all employed in business support roles like secretary, personal assistant, receptionist or office manager. For more information about this survey or if you need assistance in finding business support professionals, please contact us or upload your vacancy.


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