Three key trends in the business support job market


Hiring activity has significantly increased for business support staff so far in 2017. We have observed a significant business shift in contrast to the past few years where the focus was largely on cost cutting.

Which support professionals are most in demand and where are these jobs located? Asia Skifati, Manager Business Support, explains which sectors have been hiring the most staff and for which regions demand is the highest. 

1. High demand for administrative staff throughout Flemish regions

Overall, administrative roles remain in high demand in all Dutch speaking provinces and less in the French speaking part of Belgium. The growing economy and increased corporate investments are shown in the higher demand for sales professionals in nearly all provinces.

2. Headquarters in the Belgian capital boost in-house roles

Demand in Brussels is the highest within communication, marketing and public relations. Skifati: “Large (international) companies often have their headquarters in Brussels, which house central departments such as communication and marketing. Lobbying companies supported by marcom specialists are mainly concentrated in Brussels as well”.

3. Rise of e-commerce and B2B

There has been a major increase in e-commerce activities, resulting in a high demand for logistics and customer service professionals. This demand is particularly high in Flemish Brabant and Antwerp.

Skifati: “Orders placed by phone in the past are now done online and delivery periods are expected to be quite short. Belgium is one of the biggest players in Europe when it comes to ecommerce and we have also seen B2B activities booming, which has definitely had a positive influence on the number of job openings in customer services and logistics.”

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