Training is a top priority for finance professionals


As revealed in the latest Walters People Salary Survey, finance professionals are finding it increasingly important to be well trained in order to fulfill their role within an organisation.

This trend was published in the Walters People annual survey which was conducted among employees in the financial sector. 



A key factor to further one’s career

More than 80% of professionals are convinced that training can increase their chances of finding a new job. This would explain why 73% of the surveyed employees have decided to follow training this upcoming year. 

The increasing value placed on education and training in the financial sector is apparent through the 64% of the surveyed professionals who admitted to be willing to financially contribute to their training themselves. Moreover, one out of four respondents would even be willing to earn less professionally in exchange for further education and training opportunities.

Many employers organise their own training

Figures show that the majority of the education and training followed are financed by employers. Moreover, a large part are organised by the employers themselves. Nearly half ( 46%) of the surveyed professionals reported having followed an internal training provided by their employer in 2015.

Training opportunities play a decisive role

Education and training opportunities offered by employers are important for most respondents when choosing a new employer. It even prevails in their choice of employer for almost one out of five of the surveyed finance professionals.  Only 2% of respondents found training almost insignificant when choosing an employer. 


About the survey

Over 120 Belgian employers and more than 900 administrative and junior finance professionals participated in this survey. They were asked about their expectations in terms of employment, salary evolutions and other remuneration benefits. View the full results of the Walters People Salary Survey.

Hiring advice 

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