Sales is in Laura's blood. After 3 years in the retail sector, she started looking for a new challenge. Her commercial drive and customer focus led her to the job of recruitment consultant. And she is good at it. In only 2 years’ time she became a senior consultant and now she hopes to become a managing consultant soon, so she can coach her younger colleagues and help them write their own success stories.


How did you end up working at Walters People? 

Laura: "After getting my degree in Tourism, I accepted a job in the retail sector. I started as a senior assistant but quickly worked my way up to store manager. In this position I led a team of 12 employees and was responsible for the daily management of the shop. Close contact with customers, achieving good sales figures and defining the commercial strategy for the shop were my main activities. 

The contact with customers and colleagues is what inspired me most in that job. But after 3 years, I felt it was time for a new challenge. Given my commercial experience and passion for working with people, it soon became clear that a job in recruitment could be something for me. So I started looking specifically for a recruitment job and applied to various recruitment agencies. When I got a call from Walters People's internal recruiter, I immediately felt a connection. She had a much softer approach than what I experienced with the other agencies, and my story was really listened to. Every aspect of the job was explained in detail and she constantly sounded out whether this was in line with what I was looking for in a new challenge. This way of working really appealed to me and gave me the confidence that recruitment could really be something for me. Several more interviews followed and I was soon told that I could start at Walters People.”

What made you decide to switch to recruitment? 

"It is not a logical step indeed as a store manager who manages a team of 12 to switch to the job of recruitment consultant, but it was really the right choice for me. Before, my days were quite predictable, but at Walters People every day is different. This variety still appeals to me enormously. I also really appreciate the freedom I get in my work. Of course I have my targets to meet, but I can organise my time as I see fit. And at Walters People there is also room for self-development, which I find very important. I learn every day: from my colleagues and my manager, but also thanks to the international training courses which are organised regularly.”

What do you like most about your job? 

"The commercial aspect where I look for new clients is great, but what I like best is finding the ideal candidate for my client. Once I know what profile my client is looking for, I start interviewing potential candidates. So I meet a lot of different people, and that is what makes this job so fascinating. Some cases are more difficult because the expectations of the client and the candidate are too far apart. But when I do manage to find a match between the two parties thanks to my mediation, that makes my day!”

Are there any aspects you like less? 

"As in any job, there are of course things you don't like. In recruitment, you work with people and it can occur that things do not work out as you had hoped. For example, a candidate who turns down a job offer at the last minute because he decided to start elsewhere. That is a bummer at the time of course, but fortunately I can fall back on a close-knit team. Together we then analyse the situation and look for a solution, so that the client can count on us to find another suitable candidate."  

You have been with Walters People for 2 years and have now progressed to Senior Consultant. Do you have any further ambitions? 

"Of course," says Laura. "Each of us has a development plan mapped out at Walters People. My next step is to become a managing consultant. Then I am expected to coach new employees and share my experiences with them, so that they too can quickly build a success story."   

What do you do in your spare time? 

"I just recently became a mom of a beautiful son, so that is my focus now. I enjoy that time together. Being a working mom is a new challenge for me: combining my job with my family. Hybrid work is now well established at Walters People, so I will have time in the morning to take my son to daycare. My partner is self-employed, so on the days that I work from home it will be nice to spend some quality time with my family during lunch break. The commute is also cut out on those days, so I have some extra time in the evening to play with my son, meet up with friends or do sports. That flexibility really helps to achieve a good work-life balance."  

Do you see yourself as a recruitment consultant?

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