After obtaining a degree in Business Administration, Stefanie started her career in the finance recruitment team at Walters People. When she made the switch to the business support team, her career took off.

How did you end up working at Walters People?

Stefanie: "When I graduated in Business Administration in 2017, I had no idea what kind of job I wanted to do. Like most recent graduates, I posted my CV on several job boards and that is how I got a call from one of the managers at Walters People. On the phone, he briefly explained what a recruitment consultant job involves. I liked the idea, so I went for an interview. From the moment I walked into the Walters People office, I felt a connection. I met a number of people, each with their own story and insights into the job, and on that very same day I knew this is for me.”

You made the switch from finance recruitment to business support recruitment a year ago. Why did you decide to make this horizontal move?

"Within the finance recruitment team, I learned a lot about the financial market, and I was given excellent training by my manager, but I was missing something. From my training I had a broad interest in the non-financial part, such as marketing and logistics & supply chain, for example. I felt that I could find more of that in the business support team. Walters People has an open and transparent management team, so had a talk with my direct supervisor and the HR team to see what possibilities there were for an internal move. The opportunity was there, and I am still grateful to the management team for that." 

So how did the switch go?

"It's never easy to leave a wonderful team, but it was the best decision for me, and I haven't regretted it for a second. I already knew the manager of the business support team, and we sat down together to discuss the transfer. She especially wanted to know what my motivations were and explained her way of working and vision for the future and asked if I agreed with it. And I did! It really felt like coming home to me. I was already a huge fan of the organisation and the colleagues, but the fact that I was given the opportunity so easily and so quickly to further pursue my training and interests within Walters People was really the icing on the cake, and the business support team welcomed me with open arms." 

What does this move mean to you?

“Being part of the two divisions at Walters People has taught me a lot and allows me to offer our clients and candidates the best. But on a personal level, it means that I can develop further within my field of interest. I meet so many different people and it is nice to be able to have an in-depth discussion and find a solution together. Helping graduates at the start of their careers, advising more experienced candidates on the next step in their careers, supporting hiring managers in developing their teams: that is what I do it for. Even if it is not always easy: both candidates and clients have certain expectations that cannot always be met. Our job then is to make both parties a bit more flexible, so that you can bring them together. If you succeed in this, then your day is going to be memorable, believe me! Also, when a client initially recruits a candidate for a brief period, but eventually offers him a permanent contract, it gives me a lot of satisfaction and the confirmation that I have found a good match between client and candidate."   

Where do you get your job satisfaction from?

"Besides the fun and satisfaction I receive from my varied tasks and responsibilities, I really like the fact that there is a real family feeling at Walters People. Everyone knows everyone, and the group feeling comes up at every teambuilding event, also with the people from the other offices who we do not see that often. The dynamism and focus on results are evident in every team and office. The drive that people with years of experience at Walters People exude is contagious for the juniors who start their adventure with us. We all work hard, and this is appreciated and recognised by our management team. The opportunities to develop further are there, you just need to take them. And our management team helps each of us to write our own success story at Walters People.”

Do you still have ambitions at Walters People?

"Of course, we all want to take great steps in our careers. And at Walters People, we all get that chance. As a managing consultant, I already coached junior staff in our team. Earlier this year, I was promoted to manager. This means that I can take it a step further and develop my team in line with the strategy set out by senior management. I look forward to sharing my passion for the job with new starters!" 

Finally, is there still time for relaxation outside Walters People? 

"Absolutely," says Stefanie. "We regularly go for an after-work activity with colleagues, but I also find it important to be able to get away from work in the evenings. We have a busy job, that is true, and that is why a good work-life balance is essential. And at Walters People hybrid working is well established. Making a phone call in the car on the way home in the evening is fine, but I also need to relax. I box and cycle regularly and try to spend as much time as possible with my family and friends. If I go away for a long weekend or on holiday, I know that there is a team around me to follow up my cases in my absence. That peace of mind allows me to completely relax and be full of energy when I get back to the office!"

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