Like every year, staffing specialist Walters People has just launched their salary survey. Useful for professionals, but also for hiring managers, as this digital tool gives an insight in the latest trends on the labour market and what to expect in terms of salary evolutions in 2022.

But salary increases, flexible working hours or offering a permanent contract straight away are just some of the weapons being used in today’s war for talent. In fact, everything starts with a clear and tight recruitment process. Walters People's Managing Director Özlem Simsek has 3 tips on how to keep this process short, effective and personal.

Tip 1: Keep your options open

Chances are that in the current job market, your preferred candidate will also get offers from other employers.  “Increase your chances by interviewing more candidates than you would usually do. Plan one day to interview five professionals instead of three, either face to face or via Teams, and shorten the interviews if necessary. Do not limit yourself to one candidate going to the next interview round, but select two or three.  This means you won’t be empty-handed if your first choice decides to accept an offer elsewhere”, says Özlem.

Tip 2: Have a game plan

Plan the entire recruitment process in advance. From making the shortlist to the final round of interviews: schedule the whole procedure and let candidates know which timeslots they have to keep free for interviews. Özlem: “By speeding up the process this way, you’ll prevent that candidates have to wait long for their feedback. This reduces the risk of them opting for another job in the meantime. 

Our recruitment consultants can help you set up such a plan. They know which time span is realistic for your procedures, when they can deliver a list of candidates and in what time frame interviews should take place. Acting fast is essential in the current market.”

Tip 3: Make it personal

“Enthusiastic about a candidate? Don’t hesitate to tell them straight away!  At the end of a good interview, tell them that you would like to book the next interview round with them straightaway. Ask them how they have experienced the process so far. Don’t just approach it like business, but  also look for that personal connection with the candidate”, concludes Özlem.

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