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More than a celebration: a moment of self-reflection on International Women's Day

On 8 March, the world marks International Women's Day. Eveline Calewaert and Asia Skifati therefore organised an informal group discussion to reflect with colleagues on important issues such as gender equality and inclusion in the workplace.

High demand for supply chain professionals causes slight increase in salaries

With the recently conducted salary survey, we examined the logistics & supply chain labour market trends and salary evolutions expected for 2024. Viktorien van Loon elaborates on the results of the survey.

Optimism for 2024 prevails among sales & marketing professionals

The newly released salary guide from staffing specialist Walters People reveals that sales and marketing professionals are optimistic about the exciting opportunities on the job market. Viktorien van Loon offers insights.

Promising outlook for administrative profiles in 2024

In its newly released salary guide, Walters People shares exclusive insights on the promising future of administrative roles in 2024. Audrey Hannecart shares her insights.

Multilingualism as key asset for customer service professionals in 2024

The newly released salary guide from staffing specialist Walters People shows that one constant prevails across various sectors: the high demand for customer service professionals. Viktorien van Loon elaborates on some notable trends and reveals what salary these professionals can expect in 2024.

Retention of HR talent becomes top priority in 2024

Stephanie Cnops analyses which HR specialists are currently in high demand and takes a look at the expected salary developments within HR for the upcoming year.

Race for accounting talent continues into 2024

Kevin Blockx provides insight into what the job market for accounting professionals will look like in 2024.

Half-year business support market update

Although the number of advertised vacancies within business support in the past six months was lower than in record year 2022, the demand for these professionals remained prominent. Asia Skifati explains.

Half-year update on the interim finance job market

Although the number of advertised finance vacancies showed a decline from record year 2022, demand for finance staff remained high in the first six months of this year. Jens Spittael explains.

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