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Antwerp organisations are in need of temporary accountants

Demand for accountants in Belgium continues to sky-rocket in the Antwerp region. How do fixed-term contracts fit into this trend and what are the perks of being a contractor?

Do employee and employer salary expectations match?

The economy grows, the number of vacancies increases and salaries will go up. But do employers and employees expect the same?

More jobs and higher salaries to come

Driven by a strong economy, recruitment activity was high in 2017. How will hiring and salary trends evolve in 2018? Which roles will be most in demand?

Robert Walters Group named Best International Recruiter

Robert Walters was named Best International Recruiter at the 2017 Recruitment International Awards in London on Thursday 2 November.

Robert Walters and Walters People raise over £116,300 for charity

Through a creative display of innovation and stamina, staff from across the globe came together to raise £116,383 on our 6th annual Global Charity Day.

Walters People Belgium raises 7,762 EUR for SOS Children's Villages

Every year in October, the Robert Walters Group organises a Global Charity Day in order to raise money to donate to local charities worldwide.

143% demand increase for cash collectors

Demand for cash collectors has increased by 143% in the past 9 months. What has led such growth? Antje Mentens explains.

Three key trends in the finance job market

Demand for finance professionals has increased by 21% so far in 2017. Coraline Hees explains which professionals are the most in demand and where most jobs are located.

Three key trends in the business support job market

Hiring activity having increased for support professionals, Asia Skifati explains which departments have been hiring the most and where.