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International Accounting Day: time to look at some numbers

On Thursday 19 May, we celebrate 'International Accounting Day'. For this occasion, Jens Spittael-Speeckaert takes a closer look at the labour market situation, company structures and salaries for accountants.

2020: Stability in vacancies, salaries will rise

52% of professionals surveyed believe their salary will rise in 2020. Jens Spittael explains what else to expect.

Why people resign in the summer

A study of Securex showed an increase in resignations during the summer holidays. Adèle gives her insights.

How to avoid stressful situations before leaving on holiday

Those last few days before your vacation starts can be quite stressful. Marie-Astrid shares here top tips to beat the holiday stress before leaving on your well-earned vacation.

Is an Erasmus experience a real asset in order to get the job?

What are the benefits of an Erasmus experience and are employers looking for candidates who studied abroad? Audrey explains.

Antwerp organisations are in need of temporary accountants

Demand for accountants in Belgium continues to sky-rocket in the Antwerp region. How do fixed-term contracts fit into this trend and what are the perks of being a contractor?

Do employee and employer salary expectations match?

The economy grows, the number of vacancies increases and salaries will go up. But do employers and employees expect the same?

More jobs and higher salaries to come

Driven by a strong economy, recruitment activity was high in 2017. How will hiring and salary trends evolve in 2018? Which roles will be most in demand?

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