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Account managers, compliance specialists, actuaries, risk analysts, specialists in back office, middle office and front office all trust us with their careers. Our consultants are sector experts and only deal with your area of specialisation.

We have excellent connections at the best large and boutique banks, insurance companies, investment management firms, financial holdings, leasing companies and FS consulting firms. 

Our approach

Jens Spittael, Manager

Our job is about listening and that’s why we are a different kind of recruiter. We take time to understand what you want from your next job in banking and financial services and your career longer-term.

But we are not afraid to make suggestions, “think outside the box”, consult and offer an expert’s view. Because we’ve taken the same thorough approach with our clients, we find the best fit between your skills and character with our client’s requirements. 

Whether you are looking for a permanent or contract job, our consultants are specialists and we can offer you in-depth understanding of your career goals.


Jens Spittael-Speeckaert
T:  +32 2 609 79 00

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