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The job of a Financial Controller: What? How? And where?

Financial Controllers are in high demand. Lene Coeman talks about the job content and what career opportunities this job can offer you.

Why Payroll Officers are in high demand

Curious about the job content of a Payroll Officer and what the career options are? Asia Skifati reveals.

3 ways to discover a company’s corporate culture

Are you ready for your next career move? You’d better check on the company’s corporate culture before you apply.

How to create a plan for your career

A career plan helps you outlining your goals and developing your career. But how do you create such a plan? Boost your career with the following 5 steps.

How to screen a job advert

Are you looking to change careers? Walters People provides you with hands-on advice on finding relevant job offers.

How to handle job rejection

Being turned down for a job can be devastating. Follow our 3 tips to turn this event into a positive outcome and kick your job search back into gear.

Refer a friend

If you have a friend who is looking for a new job, why not be rewarded for recommending Walters People?

Guide to kick off your career

Nearly graduated and eager to quickly climb the career ladder? Download our guide with tips and advice and find out which salary you can expect in your first job.

7 tips to feel better at work

Long hours, tight deadlines, and ever increasing demands can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Asia shares her 7 top tips to help you manage stress at work.