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Asia Skifati, Manager Business Support Walters People Zaventem

7 tips to feel better at work

Long hours, tight deadlines, and ever increasing demands can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Asia shares her 7 top tips to help you manage stress at work.
Woman at her desk looking at phone

Six career tips for first time personal assistants

Have you just landed a job as a PA? Read our tips for all the information you'll need to excel at your new job and become a 5 star personal assistant.
Man and woman on a laptop looking at a resume

How to make your CV stand out

Most employers scan rather than read CVs – how can you make sure your resume breaks out from the pack? Follow our top tips.
Man on his laptop typing up his cover letter

Five steps to writing a successful cover letter

Employers pend less than a minute looking at job applications and your cover letter is your opportunity to stand out against other applicants.
Two colleagues standing in the office talking over coffee

4 tips to make a great first impression

Learning how to make a positive first impression is a powerful tool which will help you present yourself in the right light.
Maud Deweer, Senior Manager at Walters People

Languages are the most in demand skill

Maud reveals which business support roles will be most sought-after in 2018 and why the demand for strong language skills has increased.
Marie-Astrid Carlier, Senior Manager at Walters People

Demand for financial professionals remains high

Marie-Astrid explains which finance roles will be most in demand in 2018 and how employers will respond to acute skills-shortages.
Candidate having a phone interview

5 tips to ace phone interviews

Phone interviews are essential to create a great first impression and make sure you proceed to the next stage of the interview process.
Antje Mentens, Consultant

Working as a cash collector

Demand for cash collectors rose significantly this year. Antje Mentens explains which skills are required and what makes the job as a cash collector so interesting.