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Joining an accounting firm

Are you passionate about taxation? Do figures hold no secrets for you? Here are 5 benefits a career within an accounting firm could offer you.
how to ace an interview

7 most common interview questions

You have just landed a job interview. Great! Now what? Find out some of the most common interview questions and how to best answer them.

Walters People Salary Checker App

Do you know what you're worth? Curious to see what you could earn in a new job? Download the Walters People Salary Checker App to find out.
how to master behavioural interviews

Mastering behavioural interviews

What can you expect from a behavioural-based interview? Read our 5 tips on how to best prepare and master behavioural-based interviews.
benefits of a temp contract

Benefits of a temp contract

Find out how contract roles can offer you greater flexibility and provide you with the opportunity to excel in your career.
our best interview tips

Our best interview tips

Preparation is the key to any successful job interview. Find out what are our 3 top tricks on how to best prepare for your next job interview.
networking your way to a new role

Networking your way to a new job

Getting a job can be a major challenge. Consider our three tips and start networking your way to a new job today.
how to master skype interviews

Six essential Skype interview tips

As Skype interviews become more common, candidates who can prepare effectively will increase their chances of impressing their interviewer. Read our tips.
top tips for a healthy workplace

Top tips for a healthy workplace

A healthy work place encourages a good work/life balance and can allow you to achieve and exceed performance objectives in a safe environment. Read our tips.