The aim of an interview is to convince the interviewer of your skills in order to get the job you are seeking.

Your application has been chosen from among a large number of CV's: therefore it is vital that you prepare yourself in advance for this interview.

The objective you are aiming for is simple: you need to demonstrate how your experience and personality fit in with the requirements of the role.

You should also adopt a positive, outgoing manner and take a copy of your CV with you.

"From the moment you arrive at the interview, it is important to be attentive and to acknowledge each person you meet, as they could influence how your interview goes with the final decision-makers." says Özlem Simsek, Director of Walters People Belgium.

"Be polite and professional and give detailed examples. Remain engaged and motivated, ask for any additional information about the company and the people you will be in contact with."

There are three essential points to remember for all interviews:

  • Research the company before your interview
  • Make sure your appearance is neat and professional
  • Demonstrate that you can be punctual

During the interview, make sure you have run through all the below points:

Stage 1 - Meeting  your interviewer

  • Introduce yourself, give a polite greeting and firm handshake
  • Listen carefully and remember the names and positions of the people present.

Stage 2 - The interview

  • Present your experience in a structured and concise manner
  • Be precise and explain your choices regarding training, professional development and career opportunities
  • Be honest when describing your skills and your areas for improvement
  • Use gestures without going over the top
  • Speak in a clear, audible voice and reformulate the questions pertinently and appropriately. It is important that you prepare some questions about the job you are being interviewed for. Below are some examples of acceptable questions to ask in an interview:
  • What training and qualifications are required to be able to do the job?
  • What are the development prospects?
  • What is the structure of the team I will be working in?

Stage 3 - Wrapping up the interview


Don't forget that Walters People consultants are always here to advise you. So make the most of their experience and contact the nearest Walters People office near you!

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