Want to see yourself shine with a well-deserved promotion in January? Then now is the time to take action. The fourth quarter (Q4) offers the ideal opportunity to position yourself for success and boost your career. Kevin Blockx, senior manager at staffing specialist Walters People, shares 4 valuable tips to make the most of Q4 and maximise your promotion opportunities.  

Focus on your goals

Take some time to review which projects you'd like to have finished by the end of the year and which targets you still need to achieve. Take out your list of targets you were given in January during your appraisal meeting and draw up a clear action plan to get everything done. Kevin: "You may have reviewed your targets with your manager in July during a six-monthly review meeting. If not, arrange a progress meeting with your manager now so you can discuss your progress and approach for the rest of the year. Don't wait for this, because right now you still have time to ask for help or guidance to meet your targets. Moreover, your manager will appreciate your proactive approach."  

Be flexible  

If you would like to move on to a role with more responsibilities soon, it is important to show your best side now.

"Be open to new tasks or projects and don't shy away from unexpected challenges or problems, but tackle them immediately. With a flexible attitude, you often achieve quick wins that you can capitalise on during your evaluation interview in January," advises Kevin.   

Hone your skills   

A promotion usually involves changes in your job responsibilities, with certain skills becoming crucial. Think about which skills are important for the job you have in mind, and work on them. "Q4 is the ideal time to upskill: you still have just enough time to attend some in-service training or take an evening course," says Kevin. "It will not escape your manager's notice that you are proactively working on your skills in line with your ambitions."   

Make sure you are seen  

If you would like to be promoted, it is of course also important to make yourself known in the organisation. Don't just limit yourself to contacting your immediate supervisor and teammates, but also regularly chat with colleagues from other departments. Kevin: "Seek out people who were once in your position and have moved on to higher positions. After all, they can give valuable advice. Also try to attend any company events in Q4 or - if possible - contribute to their organisation. Your efforts will surely be appreciated by your manager."  

With Q4 just around the corner and promotion opportunities in sight, it is time to go into the final months of the year with confidence. By putting the above tips into practice, you will not only increase your chances of promotion in January, but also invest in your own growth and development. So get going and make Q4 your springboard to a bright career. Good luck!


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