In its newly released salary guide, staffing specialist Walters People shares exclusive insights on the promising future of administrative roles in 2024. This study highlights the most in-demand roles, underlines the crucial importance of language skills and essential soft skills. With a positive forecast for rising salaries, Walters People offers an optimistic view of the year ahead. Audrey Hannecart, Manager and specialist in recruiting administrative professionals, shares her insights.   

Most in-demand positions within administration 

The administrative sector continues to flourish with an increasing demand for professionals in positions such as administrative assistant, receptionist and management assistant. Audrey: In 2023, this demand peaked in February, July and October, especially in sectors such as IT, HR, insurance, management consulting, transport, financial services and industrial automation. Interestingly, 62% of these vacancies were advertised with a permanent contract."  

Language skills are crucial 

Organisations are increasingly stressing the importance of accurate administration, with language skills playing a crucial role. "In 2023, as many as 79% of administrative vacancies were based in Flanders," says Audrey. "A solid command of Dutch is therefore an essential requirement for the majority of these vacancies. Knowledge of French remains very important, not only for administrative positions in Brussels, but also in Antwerp, where 22% of the administrative positions advertised in 2023 were located. Moreover, in this region we see a growing demand for professionals with a good command of both Dutch and French."   

But the demand for language skills is not limited to Dutch and French. In today's globalising society, knowledge of English is also indispensable. "Many organisations operate on an international level and communicate regularly with customers, partners, and colleagues around the world. A good command of English opens the door to cross-border collaborations and facilitates participation in international projects."  

Essential soft skills within administration 

In the rapidly evolving world of administration, certain skills are crucial for successful candidates. "Employers place strong emphasis on traits such as self-motivation, accuracy, effective communication skills, stress-resistance, reliability and a professional attitude," Audrey says.   

The ability to work independently and show initiative is increasingly valued in an environment that demands proactive and flexible approaches to administrative tasks. "In addition, teamwork is emphasised as many administrative positions require collaboration across various teams and departments. A candidate who can demonstrate these skills significantly increases his or her chances of success in the dynamic and demanding world of administrative positions."  

Expectations for 2024 

Looking ahead to 2024, we predict a slight increase in the number of administrative vacancies, creating a favorable landscape for professionals in this field. Walters People's recent salary guide shows that 74% of administrative professionals surveyed are very positive about the job market. More so, 64% even plan to change jobs in 2024.   

Salary forecasts for 2024 

In terms of wages within administration, Walters People expect them to increase slightly in 2024, mainly for the most in-demand positions.  

2024 salaries 2024 of the most in-demand professionals within administration:  


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