So, how was your interview? You are guaranteed to hear this question from your friends or family after a job interview. But how can you tell if you had a successful interview? There are some subtle signs that indicate you made a good impression on your potential new employer. Thi Tran, recruitment consultant at staffing specialist Walters People, explains.  

The interview feels like a cosy chat  

"It is far from an objective measure, but an open, friendly conversation with the interviewer is a promising sign," Thi explains. "If your interviewer approaches you in a relaxed manner, smiles regularly and asks additional questions about your skills and personality, this indicates genuine interest. This can give you an edge over other candidates."  

You will find out various things yourself

"If the recruiter spontaneously starts talking about the company culture and the team you would be working in, this is an excellent sign," says Thi. "It shows that the interviewer consciously wants to give you a peek into the internal workings of the organisation, which usually only happens when there is serious interest in you."  

The interviewer's body language  

Your interviewer's posture and movements reveal a lot about how successful the interview goes.

"Is there a lot of eye contact, does the interviewer regularly lean your way or even mirror your body language? This indicates that the interviewer feels engaged in the conversation and thus you are scoring good points," Thi reveals.  

References are requested  

Thi: "Time is money, even for recruiters. So they will not ask for references when they are not interested in you. Does the interviewer ask for your references' contact details during the interview? Then you are most likely in the running!"  

Your availability comes up  

Does your interviewer want to know if you have any other applications pending or when you are available to start? That's a good sign. "It means the interviewer is considering you and onboarding and wants to fine-tune practical details beforehand," explains Thi.  

The interview is running late  

"If the scheduled interview lasts longer than originally planned, you can assume that there is strong interest in you," Thi knows. "Recruiters usually have tight schedules during interview rounds, so if you get extra time, it's a clear sign that things are moving in the right direction."  

After a job interview, it is understandable that you are anxiously awaiting the follow-up. While these signals do not guarantee you got the job, they can certainly contribute to your confidence and positivity while waiting for an answer.


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