On the occasion of 'Employee Appreciation Day' on 6 March, Walters People highlights some remarkable job satisfaction and appreciation statistics that were published in the recent salary survey.

Özlem Simsek, Managing Director at Walters People: "Over the past year, we have noticed that jobseekers pay increasingly attention to a competitive salary, but also to fringe benefits such as training opportunities, flexible working hours, working environment and corporate culture before applying for a job.”

In today's world, recognition and appreciation at work are two essential factors for employee retention and commitment to the organisation, as well as for the overall productivity of the company. Özlem lists a few statistics and tips that will help organisations to give employees the necessary recognition and to find their motivation in their work. 

Key drivers of job satisfaction 

Walters People's recent salary survey reveals that 20% of respondents experience a lack of recognition at work. At the same time, employees believe the following three factors mainly determine their job satisfaction

  • A good relationship with colleagues (28%);
  • Flexible working hours (25%); 
  • A good work-life balance (19%).

Organisations from their end, believe that offering a good work-life balance is the most important factor in attracting and retaining talent (31%), followed by corporate culture (27%) and career opportunities (21%).  One in four professionals agree on the latter point and indicate that not having enough opportunities to further develop themselves is one of their main frustrations at work. Moreover, 37% of them would accept a 10% pay cut if the organisation offered them better training opportunities. 

Özlem: "By offering trainings and the opportunity to further develop themselves, employers ensure the loyalty of their employees. It’s not surprising that 38% of the organisations surveyed have made the necessary efforts in the past year to offer training and development opportunities and flexible working hours". 

Tips to optimise recognition in the workplace

In order to optimise the recognition of employees, the salary study showed that organisations should focus on 3 elements in particular:

1.    Offering career and growth opportunities 

In order to meet the need for further development, it is advisable to offer continuous training or one-off workshops to staff members. As far as extra training is concerned, organisations can set up an internal reward system. For example, by defining long-term objectives, the organisation can congratulate best-performing employees by offering them the opportunity to follow certain training courses throughout the year. Everyone in the organisation will benefit from it: employees who are motivated by the challenge work better and will add value to their profile, and the organisation benefits from the knowledge acquired by its employees. 

Employers can also deploy their own employees on a more ad hoc basis. By stimulating successful employees to organise a workshop for colleagues, others in the organisation will learn about new techniques and ways that may also be of interest to them.

2.    Ensuring a good atmosphere between colleagues

To meet the need for a good working atmosphere in the office, it is essential to organise group activities on a regular basis, especially after busy periods. Saying thanks and congratulating employees for achieving their objectives can be done for example by organising a company party or dinner.  This will lower the pressure and strengthen the relationship between colleagues.  

3.    Making flexible working hours and a good work-life balance possible 

Finally, it is important to give employees the feeling that their agenda can be adjusted. For example, let them start between 7 and 9 a.m. and let them leave between 4 and 7 p.m. This will allow you, as an employer, to meet the need for flexibility, but also for privacy: people with evening and/or morning activities or obligations are much more productive when they know that their agenda can be adjusted.

What can employers and organisations do on Employee Appreciation Day on March 6?

Although recognition must be given throughout the whole year, this special day can be an opportunity to show employees that they are highly appreciated. Here are some ideas to show appreciation on this day: 

  • Send a note or e-mail to all employees to thank them for their daily commitment and hard work
  • Organise a breakfast with the whole team
  • Offer the possibility to work from home or from another office for (half) a day
  • Give an extra day off
  • End the workday one hour sooner and go for a drink together.

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