Kicking off your career and looking for a challenging job? Do you want to learn fast in a professional team? At Walters People you not only learn all about recruitment, but you also get the opportunity for continuous self-development. 

Jens Spittael, who started as a recruitment consultant 10 years ago at Walters People and is now responsible for 4 offices as Associate Director, talks about the 6 milestones in the life of a recruitment consultant at Walters People.

Milestone 1: Walters People training

Working at Walters People starts with an intensive training programme. During this training programme, you learn the most important things about the world of recruitment in just a few weeks. It is an intensive course which quickly familiarises you with the entire recruitment process. You soon learn to work autonomously and find the right match between employers and jobseekers.  

Jens: "During the new joiners’ training, you shadow experienced consultants. In the first weeks, you learn everything about the candidate side of the job: how to track down talent, what to look for when assessing CVs, how to conduct a professional interview and how to build a network of candidates. Next, you will learn about dealing with employers: how to identify potential new clients, how to come across on the phone, how to use your voice optimally. And: what are the pitfalls for you? Your team members and manager will also teach you how to build your own client portfolio. Joining interesting events also helps you to systematically build a solid network. Throughout the training period, you will receive honest feedback on your approach. In the final weeks, things get really exciting. Then you join an experienced consultant to client meetings that you have scheduled yourself!

Consultants learn a lot during the Walters People training. Besides professional knowledge on how to successfully match clients and candidates, it is also about your personal development as a consultant. Jens: "In this job, you really have to dare to step out of your comfort zone. That is both exciting and challenging. You become aware of how your way of working is perceived by others. You could, for example, be very direct and react quickly to someone. During the training you learn that it is sometimes good to wait, to take a step back and to be patient.” 

Milestone 2: First interview with a candidate 

During the training, you already plan several interviews with candidates. You invite them to the office for an interview, prepare well and learn to take control during the interview. During the very first interviews, you mainly observe the more experienced consultants. Once you are confident enough, you take the lead in the interviews, but are still assisted by a senior consultant. Only when you say you are ready, will you do the interviews with candidates all by yourself. In such interviews, you ask a mix of business and personal questions and try to find out as much as possible about your interviewee's talents and ambitions. 

Jens: "I remember that in the beginning I was mainly concerned about myself and how I interviewed, but I soon learned that these interviews are mainly about listening well. Learning to listen to what our candidates say, but also to what they do not say and to pay attention to their body language. The better you get to know the person you are interviewing, the better you can find a match for him or her with a new employer. This interaction makes this job very diverse.”

Milestone 3: First interview with a client  

As part of the training, you will accompany an experienced recruitment consultant to appointments at companies. Jens remembers the first time he went to such an appointment alone. "That was very exciting, and you only take that step when you say you're ready. The visits to clients are an important part of your job and offer a lot of variety. Each company is unique in its challenges and in the talent they seek.”

Jens: "In the beginning, most people are very focused on how they come across in the interview. But you don't need to worry about that because you are very well guided. You also learn to think along with the client. That happens very quickly - every week I talk to an average of seven professionals who are looking for a job and I have two interviews with companies." In his meetings, Jens also advises organisations, for example, on how to draw up an effective and realistic profile. "Sometimes the most suitable candidate turns out to be very different from what the client originally had in mind. This kind of search is part of our service and gives depth to the job of recruitment consultant."

Milestone 4: The first successful placement 

This is a particularly important moment for every consultant, and it is celebrated with the whole office.  Jens: "My first placement was an Assistant Accountant with an SME in the transport sector. The entire recruitment process took just one week. My client had seen three candidates, but after an interview between my candidate and the client, he gave his go and my proposed candidate accepted the offer. It was not an easy assignment, but fortunately I could always rely on the guidance of my team members and manager. The client was satisfied, and I even got a second recruitment assignment with that company shortly afterwards."  

It remains exciting and you never forget that first placement. "Excitement is part of the job. Every time you ask yourself: will it work this time or not? The thrill of a match, that's a great feeling! Not only because you score, but also because, as a recruitment consultant, you play a major role in someone's life. Getting a new job is an important event for our candidates. And for the employer, you offer the solution to a pressing problem. And that is where I make my contribution!”

Milestone 5: Promotion to senior consultant 

Jens: "You can grow very quickly at Walters People. If you show that you have the skills and the ambition to become successful in recruitment, then you will quickly get the opportunity to grow to senior consultant. The career path is clear, with fixed objectives. This clarity and the speed with which you can grow is a real motivator to our team members.”

Milestone 6: Become a manager  

The next step? After senior consultant, there are prospects of becoming managing consultant and then manager. With each promotion come fixed targets. It is up to you to achieve the defined objectives and to bring the right clients and candidates into contact with each other. Throughout this development plan, you will acquire a lot of skills and push your own limits, thereby constantly increasing your impact. You will receive intensive training to prepare you for the role. Recruitment consultant is not a 9-to-5 job. The more energy you put into your career, the better the results and the faster you can take the next step.”

Recruitment consultants at Walters People are particularly eager. "Over the last 10 years, I have followed most of the growth path at Walters People. At each stage I was given the opportunity to develop myself further and it still gives me great satisfaction to help people progress in their careers. This job is fast paced - you need to be able to switch gears quickly. No two days are the same. Working at Walters People offers you a flying start and great career opportunities!”

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