The 6 milestones in the life of a recruitment consultant

Maxime Leveque, Walters People Consultant

Is your career kicking off and are you looking for a challenging job? Would you like to learn fast and become part of a professional team? At Walters People, you’ll learn all about recruitment – and yourself!

Maxime Leveque tells us all about the milestones in his first months at Walters People Belgium.



Milestone 1: Walters People training

Working at Walters People begins with an intensive training. In a few weeks time, our training programme will teach you the most important aspects of recruitment. It is an intensive journey to get familiar with the recruitment process in order for you to become quickly independent and be able to find the perfect match between candidates and clients.

This training is supervised by experienced consultants. In the first weeks, you’ll learn all about the candidate-side of the role: how to trace talent, what to look at when reading a CV and how to interview in a professional manner. The second part is about dealing with employers: how to find new clients, how to make a professional phone call and how to use your voice appropriately. And mainly: what are you struggling with the most? This training is also focusing on giving feedback on your approach. The last weeks are the most exciting ones. You will then join an experienced consultant in his client meetings – that you’ve organised!

Maxime has learnt a lot from his Walters People training. Besides learning on how to match clients and candidates successfully, you will also learn about your personal development as a consultant. ‘I had to get out of my comfort zone, which is really exciting and challenging. I became aware of how others see my way of working.. I can – for example – be very direct when someone makes a remark. During the training, I learnt that it’s sometimes good to wait, to step back and to show some patience.’

Milestone 2: First interview with a candidate

Planning candidate interviews is part of the training as well. You invite candidates for an interview in our offices, prepare it in advance and learn to take charge during the interview itself. You mix professional and personal questions and try to figure out what the skills and ambitions of the candidates are in front of you.

‘In the beginning, I was mainly focusing on myself and the way I interviewed, but I understood fairly quickly that it’s all about listening in such conversations. It’s about learning to listen to what our candidates have to say and don’t actually say and to pay attention to their body language. The better you get to know the other person, the better match you can find them in their next employment. That interaction is what makes this job so varied.

Milestone 3: First client meeting

As part of the training, an experienced consultant takes you along to some client meetings. Maxime remembers his first client meeting alone really well. ‘It was very exciting and you only take this next step when you’re ready for it. That’s something I judge with every client I meet. Even now, there are some clients I prefer to take along an experienced consultant if the company has a complex recruitment request’. Meeting clients is an important part of the job and offers a lot of variety: each company is unique in its challenges and the talent they are looking for.

Maxime: ‘The first few times, you’re really focused on yourself during the conversation. But there is no reason to worry, as the coaching you’ll get is fantastic. You’ll learn to think along with clients and that’s happening really fast: every week, I meet about 7 professionals who are looking for a job and I have 2 meetings with clients.’ In these meetings, Maxime advises clients in defining an effective and realistic profile of the candidate they are looking for. ‘Sometimes, the most appropriate candidate is completely different of what the client initially had in mind. These insights is part of our service towards clients and brings added value to the role of a recruitment consultant’.

Milestone 4: The first successful placement

This is a very important moment for every consultant that we celebrate with the entire team. Maxime: ‘My first successful placement was an Accountant who joined a big company in the energy sector. The entire recruitment process took only one week. After one interview between our candidate and the client, the client gave his go and the candidate accepted the offer that was made. When my manager heard the news, she opened a bottle of champagne and we celebrated with the entire team. I’ll never forget my first placement! 

And the excitement never stops: ‘Excitement is part of this job. You’ll always wonder: will this succeed or not? The kick of finding the right match, gives an amazing feeling! Not only because you score, but also because you play an important role in someone’s life as a recruiter. Starting a job is an important step for our candidates. And for employers it’s a solution for their recruitment needs. And that’s were I contribute!’

Milestone 5: The promotion to senior consultant

At Walters People, you get the chance to grow very quickly. Once you have proven to have the right skills and ambitions to become successful in recruitment, you will be promoted to senior consultant. ‘The career path is very clear with well-defined goals in place. I really appreciate this transparency and the speed to grow in my role.‘

Milestone 6: Being promoted to manager

The next step? Once you’re a senior consultant, there is the possibility to become manager. But every promotion includes new targets: the number of placements you’ll do, the revenue that you’ll realise and the skills you have acquired. Again, intensive training is foreseen to prepare you for this new challenge. ‘The job of a recruitment consultant is not a 9-5 job. The more energy you invest in your career, the better you’re results will be and the sooner you’ll be able to take the next step in your career’.

Maxime is ready: ‘My career? I feel good in the role I have now. I get the chance to develop myself and it gives me a lot of satisfaction being able to help people in their career development. No day is the same. Working at Walters People is a great start with excellent career opportunities!’

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