Prejudices can be tenacious and this is no different in recruitment. When looking for a job, we all come into contact with recruitment at some point. Yet a career as a recruitment consultant is not an obvious one. 

Evi Melkenbeke, HR Manager at Walters People, gives a clear picture of the job through four myths.

Myth 1: You need a master's degree in HR to become a recruitment consultant.

Evi: "The job of recruitment consultant is often associated with HR rather than sales. Yet commercial relationships are absolutely key in this role: you act as an intermediary between candidates and companies seeking staff.

At Walters People, our employees' education is important, but we also value other qualities besides the degree. Your success depends on your commitment and results, not just on your field of study. 

Your ability to build relationships is crucial here. To place a candidate in a company where he will feel comfortable, you must be able to quickly gain insight into his personality and understand him well."

Myth 2: Recruitment consultants are real sharks

A recruitment consultant is often seen as someone who is so competitive that they will do anything to achieve their goals. Many think it is a job where little attention is paid to the welfare of candidates.

"Of course, recruitment is all about closing deals, bringing organisations and candidates together," says Evi. "However, giving advice and guidance is an important part of a recruitment consultant's daily work. As a result, you have daily contact with all kinds of people, which is very enriching.

In this job, you must be ambitious, both for the company and for your own career. But at Walters People, the candidate and human contact are at the heart of everything we do."

Myth 3: To become a recruitment consultant, you must already know the job market inside out

When you start working at Walters People, you will go through intensive sales training during your first few weeks and be closely coached by your manager. The aim is for everyone to further develop their own portfolio.

Evi: "You don't have to be an expert to start at Walters People. However, you will quickly become one, thanks to our many training courses and master classes. Giving advice, listening to each other and supporting each other are fixed concepts within our teams."

Myth 4: There are no career prospects for a recruitment consultant

"When you join one of our teams as a recruitment consultant, you will have a very clear view of your potential career path within Walters People. We offer a challenging environment, where rewards and recognition depend on commitment and performance," explains Evi.

"By reaching your targets, you can grow into a higher position. To become a manager, for example, you go through predetermined stages such as gaining insight into the workings of the company and managing a junior colleague. Throughout this path, you will be guided by your own manager.

Horizontal career moves are also possible at Walters People. For example, you can specialise within different divisions such as business support or finance, but there are also international opportunities. Have you always dreamed of a career abroad? At Walters People this dream can become reality!

At Walters People, we highly value development and growth. From day one, you know what your goals are and how to work towards them," Evi continues.


"Being a recruitment consultant means first and foremost understanding the candidate, both in terms of his skills and personality. That way, you can match him with the appropriate company. Your relational skills are essential here.

At Walters People, we want you to enjoy coming to work and get satisfaction from your achievements. You will help candidates find the right job, while working with various players in the labour market such as companies, associations and schools.

Thanks to your advisory role and the many contacts you make, you will develop expertise and skills that you will use throughout your entire career," Evi concludes.


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